Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cruise Recap : Amended Packing List

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This is what I based my packing list on for this cruise. After actually going on the cruise, my list is still remotely the same, but I learned a few things.

The over the door organizer was never opened while on the cruise. We stayed in a balcony room on the Freedom of the Seas, and there was tons of bathroom storage so we didn't need this at all. I can't say that it will be this way for all ships, but if you happen to be on this one, you don't need it.

I can't say enough good things about the canvas overnight bag. It was the perfect size to hold everything I needed. I was really impressed after going through the boarding process. I figured that I would get sick of carrying it, but the shoulder strap was long enough to allow me to use it as a cross body. That allowed me never have to set it down.

The wristlet wasn't used as much as in previous cruises. While on board, I used my iPhone to take a lot of pictures, so C carried my card in his wallet, and I carried my phone in my pocket. On the next cruise though, I plan to not use my iPhone as much and stick to my camera, so this will be used quite a bit more.

The floppy hat was not used at all. Instead I used my KAVU Visor. It was a last minute decision to pact the visor, and I wish that I would not have taken the hat. It just took up too much space.

The beach tote was great especially when we were out by the pool. I was able to hold the towels, cover ups, sunscreenTervis, Kindlesunnies, and sanitizer without trying. Everything was organized perfectly and  I didn't ever worry about losing anything.

At the last minute I changed over the shoulder bags, and I was really bummed that I did. I loved my KAVU bag on previous cruises, and from now on, it will be the bag I take to walk around ports with.

The travel alarm clock and the extra bags were complete lifesavers.

I've got some great ideas on what to pack for our cruise in October. I will be posting a more complete packing list as that cruise gets closer.

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