Friday, March 7, 2014

A Different Kind of Love List.

This week, I have found several different things that I love, but I have decided to change it up a bit, and instead I am going to do a special Love List, in honor of C. We are going to be entertaining several different times this year, some planned already, others that will be planned at a later date. Because of that, C has been working extra hard to help me take our house from the winter state it was in to the nice spring state it needs to be in. We are having to pressure wash the house and deck, and even replace a few things around outside. We are currently in the process of actually redecorating 2 rooms, as well as trying to finish the downstairs den. So, in honor of C, I present you with the 5-most-random-reasons-why-I-love-my-husband Love List!

1. He knows how to make me smile even when I am completely stressed out. For example, we walked around Target the other night, and I was in a bad mood. The next thing I know, he has found some toy that made loud noises. The next 3 minutes were spent trying to get him to turn the stupid thing off and laughing. Don't worry, it was late and almost no one was in Target.

2. He makes funny faces with me almost every day. It has become a habit of ours. It is the perfect way to lighten any mood, and it will almost always create a good laugh.

3. He works hard all day, and then comes home and works hard around the house. I know he would much rather relax, but he knows that having a clean home means a lot to me.

4. He cooks. I'm a decent cook, but I just would rather order take out because I can't stand having to do dishes. So he usually cooks and does dishes.

5. He has this amazing ability to enjoy life. Most people look at him and say he is immature, but he isn't. C can find the fun in just about anything, and that is a true gift. He has taught me to enjoy life and not rush things. I hope that C never loses that ability, and I hope that our children get that quality.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. This is so sweet! That target trip sounds exactly like something my husband would do!

  2. I love this :) It's so good to remind ourselves of these reasons! (Because sometimes they can be downright annoying :) )



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