Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Strom Pax

Last Wednesday, I got a text from my boss telling everyone to stay home. Free day off? I'll take it. Chattanooga was calling for a little bit of snow, but I highly doubted that we would get anything. So I crawled my happy butt back into bed and slept for a solid hour. It was glorious I tell you, glorious!

When I woke up, I wasn't surprised to find that it had started to flurry. I figured we would get flurries, but I just knew it wouldn't stick. I did laundry, cleaned most of the house, and actually got to have lunch with C. After he headed back off to work, I noticed that the flurries had tuned into massive snow flakes, but it still wasn't sticking to the ground. I finished cleaning the rest of the house, went through some of my  photography pictures, and decided that I had earned a nice bubble bath (4:30 pm). As I had finished cleaning the kitchen, right around 4, I had noticed that snow had stuck to our back porch, but it was just a light dusting, and it still wasn't on the actual ground yet.

Fast forward to 5:30 pm. C is home, and I am trying to decide which sweat pants I want to wear. Tough decision. When C walked in the room, he asked me to look outside. I did. I was shocked. It had snowed and stuck to the ground, but not just anything, It was already around an inch. I immediately switched from sweat pant to workout gear. I had secretly been wishing for snow so I could go for a run. I'm crazy. I know.

I had bundled up pretty good, but nothing could prepare me for the freezing rain in my face. I made it a 1/3 mile, and decided I was done. As I got back to the house, it dawned on me that we had to build a snowman because I was just certain all the snow would be gone in the morning. 

So C built Olaf...

Needless to say, Olaf was not up to my high snowman standards. We decided to get Chaco and let her enjoy some of the snow, and she was just not having it at all. She was less than impressed with all the fluffy white stuff now covering the ground. Who forgot to tell Chaco that we love winter and snow in this family?

After we took her inside to get warm, C and I set off to destroy the pretty fresh fallen snow in the yard in hopes of building the best snowman in the neighborhood. I'm a master snowman builder. My snowmen always last the longest. Just ask my sisters what happened with our snowman in the blizzard of 93'. 

I had to work pretty hard at teaching C how to build a great long lasting snowman, and when we were finished, I was in love. Meet Fred! 

Because we had not gotten a lot of snow, Fred was full of snow and leaves. We continued to play in the snow making snow angels, having a snowball fight, and rolling down the hill. It was a winter wonderland for sure! I couldn't be happier with the hour I got to spend outside in the fluffy goodness. 

I'd like to add that it was an amazing workout!! 

After we got inside and warmed up, we ate dinner, and relaxed while watching the Winter Olympics where they were complaining of temps that were too warm for the snow. Ironic isn't it. 

I got up to just glance outside, and I find that where we had used all the snow to build Fred was filled in by a fresh layer for snow! I immediately went into little kid mode because this meant that the snow would in fact last until the morning. 

It also meant that it was time for snow cream. I had set a bowl out on the back porch in hopes that we got enough to make snow cream, and boy did we. 

The recipe I used is :

Snow Cream

4-6 cups of freshly fallen snow
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup of powdered sugar (or more depending on your taste)
1 cup of milk

Combine and serve in a mason jar topped with whipped cream.

We went to bed with visions of snow flakes in our head. It was still snowing pretty hard when we went to bed. We left the curtains and blinds open so that we could watch the snow. I was not prepared for what I would find when I woke up in the morning. My boss had told me that we were on at least a 2 hour delay for work on Thursday, and C's boss said the same thing. So when I woke up at 8, I woke up to this...

Almost 7 inches of snow!! C called into work, and his boss said that they were closed for the day, and I talked to my boss, and he let me stay home as well. We weren't able to make it out of the neighborhood just yet anyway. We had a tree that had fallen in the back yard, but it was the most beautiful winter wonderland that I had ever seen first hand. It felt like it was straight out of the movie Frozen! 

We bundled up and headed outside. We blew up our snow tubes, and headed out to sled. It was a blast, but I only walked up the huge hill once. It wasn't quite the workout I wanted first thing in the morning. 

We came back inside and ate breakfast. C's coworker called and asked if C needed him to come get him, and C called his boss who told him that he had decided to open anyway. Though C and I had both planned to take Friday off, both our bosses agreed to let us have Thursday off instead. We finished breakfast, and headed back out in the snow to have a snowball fight of massive proportions. It was the most fun ever. 

At about noon, the snow on the roads had melted, and so we decided to venture out for lunch. Everywhere was short staffed, so we weren't the only ones who got the day off to enjoy the snow. Unfortunately though, lots of people were out of power. 

We spent the rest of the day just shopping around and enjoying each others company. We cherished that day more than most can realize. C and I hardly ever get to spend a day together where we have nothing planned. I am much happier with the outcome of Winter Storm Pax than I was with Winter Storm Leon.

I hope those of you who had snow enjoyed the fully stuff as much as we did! 

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