Friday, February 21, 2014

What do UGA, 31, and UA have in common?

They are all on my love list this week! I've been slacking on my love lists this year. But this week, I had a hard time limiting it to just 5 things! If you read yesterday's post, then a lot of this will not come as a surprise. 

1. UGA Tervis : I love Tervis! I have been a huge fan since I discovered them back in 2009. I've started a collection of them. Ironically enough though most every Tervis we own is a UGA tervis. I spotted this gem a month or so before Christmas and I just knew I have it. I mentioned 2 different ones to C for my Christmas list, and he got the other. So when I saw it again before Valentine's Day I mentioned it again to C, and I was surprised to find that he got it for me. I'm pretty sure C gets sick of me washing it every day because it is the only one I am using right now.

2. Thirty One Thermal Lunch Tote : I did some serious meal prep this past weekend, and these thermals have been a life saver. I've had several from years past, but I now have my eye on this new print. It is perfect for spring.

3. Under Armor Paralux Headband : I hate the single UA headbands, so when I found the 3 braided ones, I tried them, and I fell in love. So when I saw these, I figured I would give them a shot. And it is a good thing I did because they are now my new favorite. I love that there are 2 braided strands. I feel like they stay put better.

4. Running : Okay, for me it is more like jogging and walking, but I'm improving. Usually I would only get out to "run" once a month or so, but I've already been twice this week. It would have been more if it wasn't for the rain and a migraine. I'm hoping that my love for running grows. I didn't realize how great of a stress reliever it was.

5. C : I love him everyday, but ever since I started to write our love story, I remembered all the reasons why I fell in love with him. Sometimes he can get on my last nerve, and most days that is what happens, but at the end of the day, he is exactly what I need to balance my life out. He makes laughter a constant in our lives and I could not be more grateful. Sappy I know, but it is true.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Are you a UGA Girl?? Did you go to Georgia? I was born and raised in UGA country and I love my Dawgs! I love finding other fans!

    1. Sadly, I did not go to UGA. I was raised a Vols fan, but when I moved to GA, I quickly converted! Go Dawgs!



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