Thursday, February 20, 2014

Starting over for the last time.

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote this post. The level of commitment I had to my fitness at that point was astonishing. I was living, eating, drinking, breathing fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I worked my butt off for a solid 4 months and dropped 25 pounds. Then I slacked for a few months, but never gained the weight back. I got my grove back at one point and was just as committed as I was in the beginning. Then a massive storm hit my life pretty hard. I haven't shared the details on it, but it was pretty devastating to me. It essentially ruined all the hard work I had put into getting healthy. From that point on, I gave up hope. I felt like everything that was great had been stripped from my life, and I wasn't worth the effort anymore.

I gained back all the weight. I would still exercise every now and then, and a few times I even recommitted. Nothing though gave me the motivation I had in the beginning. Until now. Well, last weekend to be exact. Things had been set in motion before hand, but last weekend sealed the deal for me. So here we are. I am starting this journey all over again. Hopefully this is the last time I will have to start all over again. So now for some embarrassment...

Before :  As of 2/14/2014

Age : 24
Height : 5'7''
Weight : 214.8 lbs
BMI : 33.6 - yikes...

Chest : 44.5
Waist : 38.5
Hips : 45.25
Upper Arm (R) : 15.25
Thigh (R) : 27.5
Calf (R) : 18

Jeans/Pants : 16 and a few 14
Shirts : Mostly XL
Bra : 38D
Dresses : XL or 16

I will use MyFitnessPal off and on to track my food. My username is Caitlinlong1023

If you are on a fitness/healthy living journey, I would love to hear all about it! And feel free to follow along with my journey as well!

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  1. Get it girl! You will do GREAT! I am starting again too! It's so so so hard.

    1. Thanks! And good luck to you as well!



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