Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Love Story - Second Chances

Wanna catch up? Read The Beginning.

C and I graduated in 2007. The last memory I have of us in high school was C borrowing my eye liner to write his name in his cap right before the graduation ceremony. That was the last time I would see him smile at me for over a year. He sat right behind me during the ceremony. I promise we are both in that picture making a very similar face. Where's Waldo anyone?

After graduation, I ended up moving to Chattanooga for college, but only stayed a semester. I moved back to GA in 2008. That year for my birthday, I wasn't doing anything, and I got a surprise message from C asking if I was doing anything. He had plans on taking me out to dinner, but my dad called at the last minute.

Fast forward to April 2009. I was in another bad relationship. Seems to have been a common theme with me. The guy I was dating had lied to me about his faith, and I was pretty torn up about it. C and I ended up talking and catching up on what was going on, and it came as no surprise that he was there for me when I told him about the situation that I was going through. He gave me great advice, and promised he was there for me. I had gotten my friend back.

I had prayed about it, and made the decision to end the relationship. Faith is important to me and lying about his was a deal breaker. C and I continued to talk like old friends. After quite a bit of discussion, we agreed to hang out. That was when I saw his smile again. I knew the moment he smiled at me that I still loved him. Time didn't matter. He had stolen my heart years ago and never given it back. I still wasn't convinced about marriage though.

On May 24, 2009, C and I went on our 2nd 1st date.  It consisted of fishing, venturing through woods, and watching C flip off my mom's front porch. He picked me flowers and made me smile more than I ever had before. We went downtown and danced in front of the radio station, something that quickly became our favorite thing to do.

We spent as much time together as we could.  We tore apart a car that he was going to rebuild. We spent time hanging out and riding a mini dirt bike. He said "I love you" first in his parent's driveway, and I replied with a smile. I said "I love you" 2 days later after I had spent every moment praying about it. On June 6, 2009, we attended his brother's wedding. It was that morning when he picked me up that I knew I could spend my life with him. I had said "I love you" in high school, and I meant it, but something was different this time. I knew I wanted to marry him. I wanted to spend every moment with him.

In mid July, he jokingly asked me to marry him on his front porch. I jokingly replied yes. We spent most of our time laughing together and talking about everything. He took me rock climbing for the first time. We spent several nights dancing downtown like on our first date. Our relationship was built on laughter and hugs, lots of hugs. We grew together. Little did I know that our dating time was coming to a close. 

The Proposal coming next week. 

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