Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Love Story - The Beginning

I have been debating on if I actually want to write this, and after much consideration, I figure why not? So here goes.

In order to start our love story, you need to take a journey with me all the way back to 2002.

I had just moved to GA, and started a new school. I didn't know anyone, and honestly I liked it that way. In math class though, there was an extremely loud boy who got on my nerves. Ironically, 8 years later I would marry him.

Fast forward to 2006.

That's my husband guys... How is it that in just 4 short years, I got to marry this guy? 

Anyway, I need to get back to 2006. C and I were introduced in May of 2006. We were both Juniors in high school, and I had just successfully tried out and made the colorgurad team for our band. C had been in band since the beginning of high school. All the Spanish classes were hosting a Cinco de Mayo party, and the Latin class that C was in also got to come. My teacher had given me permission to skip the party, but I still had to bring some kind of food. As I dropped mine off, C was there, and we were introduced. Since we were going to be spending the summer together in band camp, my friend decided we needed to meet. Though I am pretty sure that there were different motives. I was dating an awful guy at the time C and I were introduced. My friends didn't like my current "boyfriend", and they made it obvious. When C and I met, a friendship formed that I never knew I needed. I had found a life long friend. 

Fast forward to summer and band camp. C and I had become good friends. I talked to him about how I was stuck in a horrible relationship and I needed out, but I was scared to break up with the guy. I promise I am not exaggerating how bad of a relationship it was. He was there for me to talk to and he didn't judge me. He was always a shoulder to cry on when things got rough with "the boyfriend." In July, I finally said goodbye to "the boyfriend." Soon, C and I started dating, and this became our song. (Jason Aldean - You're the Love I Wanna Be In)  

I've always been there every time he let you down.
I caught your fallin' tears before they hit the ground.
But I just heard somebody say that you finally told him goodbye.
Well, girl now you've finally made your move, now I'm here to make mine.

I wanna be there when you wake up,
Be more than just your friend.
Baby there's no mistakin',
You're the love I wanna be in, ah yeah.

I've kept my feelins under lock and key.
Couldn't let you see them even though it was killin' me.
You can't imagine all the time I spent wishin' you were mine.
I just know if we ever kissed, we'd go crazy, baby, for the rest of our lives.

I wanna be there when you wake up,
Be more than just your friend.
Baby there's no mistakin',
You're the love I wanna be in.

We dated for a while and I fell in love with him. We spent many nights talking on the phone from 8 pm until 5 am. We talked about everything, but soon a girl got in the way. She wanted C, and everyone knew it. It eventually tore us apart. But C and I never lost touch. Being in band, it was difficult to not talk to someone. We stayed friends. We talked often, and he was still always there for me. And we still did things together. We went to homecoming together, and he invited me to family gatherings. We weren't officially dating again, but we might as well have been. I loved him. He was the only one that I have ever loved. He was the first guy I said "I love you" to and actually meant it. Sure, I said it to "the boyfriend" before him, but that was out of fear not feelings. I always considered C my high school sweetheart because we were "together" for the majority of my senior year, and I didn't date anyone in high school after him. When I think about high school, all my memories have him in it. But even though I loved C, I never imagined marrying him because I never planned on getting married. Little did I know that he would change that in a few short years.

Second Chances coming next week

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