Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Favorite Fitness Gear - Apparel Basics

We all know that when you have your favorite things around you, it makes things easier. For me, I have favorites for just about every area of my life. Since I have recommitted myself to my healthy journey, having all my favorite fitness things are a must. So here is the start of a mini series of all of my favorite fitness things!

First up is the Nike Free Run 5.0. I have tried several different running shoes, but nothing compares to these. If I am doing any kind of cardio, these are my go to shoes. Plus they come in some great colors. I just love that these are so bright.

Speaking of shoes, the Nike Free TR 3 FIT Cross Trainers are my go to training shoes. If I am doing a Crossfit workout, lifting weights, or even circuit training, these are the shoes I grab. They are so comfy.  I have these exact shoes, but I brightened mine up with a neon coral shoe lace. 

I mentioned the Under Armor Paralux Headband in my love list from last Friday and I still feel the same way about this head band. I have worn this for everything I do fitness related, and even non fitness things. If I am just lounging around the house, you can bet that I am wearing this!

Girls, we all know that we a good sports bra is key. When I came across the Incredible by VSX I was skeptical. I am rather large chested, so when it said "maximum support" I laughed a little because I doubted it would actually work for me. And boy was I wrong. I don't workout without wearing one these. They are a little pricey, but well worth the investment. 

I hate wearing thick socks. So when I found these Smart Wool PhD Run Light Micro Socks I was ecstatic. In my opinion, these are the perfect running sock. I wear these with my Free Runs only. Again, these are a little pricey, but well worth the investment. And they come in several fun colors.

These Nike Cotton Footies are my favorite though. I wear these with my Trainers. I love these. They are ultra thin so it feels like I'm not wearing socks at all, and that I really love. Bonus is these socks are perfect for running and sliding down our hall way.

Do you have any fitness apparel favorites? 

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