Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In-Laws and Anniversary Plans

My weekend recap wasn't written until Monday night. Fail. Anyway. C and I had a great weekend. Hopefully this means that all those crap weekends are long gone. Friday night, we made fajitas like we do every Friday, and we worked out. We even went running. Talk about success! 

Saturday, C's parents came for a visit. They told us they would be leaving their house until around 1-1:30 pm. So C got up and headed to work to help his boss with something while I laid in bed until exactly 8:30 am. From there I proceeded to speed clean my house. So around noon, when they call and tell us they are on their way, I can assure you there was a look of pure shock on my face. I hadn't even showered yet or gotten to clean the dining room. Now, my house isn't dirty, I am just overly OCD about how I want it to look when we have company, like the book has to be turned an exact way or I fix it 10 times. 

We half clean (half shove stuff in another room) the dining room, and I take the quickest shower I ever have and we head off to Costco to make sure we have everything for dinner, and meet his parents. Eventually the stress of not having a spotless perfect house wore off, and I started enjoying the time we were spending with his parents. We fixed dinner, and laughed some more. And then they had to leave.

Here is a quick version of why what happens next is how you can tell my in-laws came for a visit. When his parents came up before Christmas, his mom or dad hid one of my Christmas decorations. I laughed at it, and decided to turn it into a game. One that I knew C and I would always win. So the next 2 times we were at their house, we turned anything we could get our hands on upside down or backwards. And I mean everything. We went into every room and did that. And it was hysterical. We laughed for hours about it. I forgot about payback. 

After they left Saturday, these are just a few of the things turned upside down in our house. 

Good thing is I think we found everything. Sunday we did meal planning/prep and grocery shopping. Then we decided to start working outside. I mean it was 70 degrees and I did not want to be inside. Throughout the day, C and I talked about our anniversary. It is his turn to plan it this year, and he said he wanted to go out West. Then we decided to just do something small to save a little money. This weekend, he told me to think about a cruise. Well, that is what I wanted to do, but I was not going to tell C. conversations later, we picked a cruise, held a room, and Tuesday it will be booked! It is the exact same cruise we went on last year, so now that we know what to expect, we are planning excursions/spa treatments/etc. I am so excited! I'm going to try and finish up my recaps from last years cruise soon. And I am going to try not to let planning for this cruise take over. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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