Thursday, January 9, 2014

Renewing in 2014

So I am linking up with Jessica from Little Baby Garvin and several others today for their link up on Making 2014 Count.

I decided to pick a word to live by for 2014. It was not an easy decision because there were so many I wanted to use, but after some serious soul searching I guess you could call it, I came up with one. Renew. It is simple, but so complex. With everything C and I have gone through in our 4 and a half years together, I can honestly say that it is way past time to renew lots of things.

I spend so much time trying to please others that I forget about myself. I try and make so many people happy that I put my marriage on the back burner from time to time. I have made some serious mistakes in my 24 years on earth, and this is the year to just start over. Start fresh. Renew.

Between renewing my self confidence, renewing my commitment to my husband and my marriage, renewing my commitment to God, renewing my desire to get out of debt, and renewing my desire to learn new things there will be a lot of changes taking place in our home. C and I will be turning half a century old this year, and that is a real eye opener for me. I am not where I planned to be, and I want nothing more than to get to where I want to be.

2014 is the year when all things are renewed and we make this our year!


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