Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Storm Leon

I am the girl who is crazy about winter. I look forward to boots and peacoats, scarves and gloves, hot chocolate and freezing temps all year round. You will almost always hear me complain about the summer heat unless I am at the beach. But this year was different. Christmas flew by, so it has felt like this winter season has dragged on, and that I don't like. I had just told C 2 days prior to this winter wonderland that I was completely over the winter and I wanted it to be gone. I was sick of freezing temps because all we have had is rain and ice. It wasn't any good unless we got one snow in. So I was over it. I was dreaming of what vacation C and I would take this October for our anniversary, and I was praying that involved a trip to the Caribbean. I was dreaming of lounging on sandy white beaches with a fruity adult beverage in hand. Then Tuesday came.

While I was standing in the boss' aka, my dad's, office at work, I saw snow falling. I laughed to myself because I knew it wouldn't stick. Then 10 minutes later, I looked out the window again, and my car had a thin layer of snow on it. I began to panic a little because I was pretty sure that meant it was all going to be gone by the time I left. Boy was I wrong. Lucy was covered with nice layer of snow at the end of the day.

The amount of snow that my boots accumulated from walking around my car was crazy. There wasn't a whole lot of snow on the ground, or at least not on one side of my car. And ignore the dirty car okay?

I was sucessful in driving towards home. The roads weren't that bad yet. As I went around the curve before the front of my subdivision, I was prepared to turn in and park on the side of the road and wait for C to get home so we could walk home. Little did I know that everyone else had the same idea. The entire entrance was crowded with cars, and so was most of the street outside of the entrance. I continued to drive and ended up in a large parking lot that had no ice or snow. There, I sat for an hour waiting on C. I didn't have much to do, so I ended up doing and redoing my make up. Yeah, I am just as shocked as you are that I had make up in my purse. 

When C finally made it, we decided to go to the near by grocery store to pick somthing up for dinner because all we had was stuff that was going to take an hour to make. I was completely shocked that they still had tons of milk and bread. Chattanooga was not prepared for this storm, but Bi-Lo sure was. 

By the time we got back to our subdivision, the entrance was worse. Cars were parked in the grass, on the road, and blocking several people in. Here is something to know about our neighborhood. It is full of hills. The main road looks like this : /\_/ And there are several other major hills throughout the neighborhood. We ended up parking in someone's yard and walking home. We literally planned on walking a mile, in the snow, up hill. We got about half way home and a nice old guy with one of the Razor ATV's picked us up and took us home. I was more than thankful for that. 

But we did manage to get a funny face or two in while we walked. 

All I have to say is I am so thankful that I that I decided to wear boots because I was thisclose to wearing flip flops. Looks like I will be paying more attention to the weather from now on. 

We got home, baked our frozen pizza, and curled up in bed watching several episodes of Revenge. We went to bed around 9, because we had no clue what was going on the next morning as far as work goes. We woke up at our usual time, got ready and started our mile long mostly downhill walk back to C's car. I of course slipped and fell. All it hurt was my pride. When we made it down, we got C's car out of the subdivision with no issues. We made it to my car, and I went to work. I only ended up being about an hour late, but when I got there, the parking lot was empty and covered in snow. 

By the time I got home, all the snow was gone. Go figure.  hope everyone had a fantastic Snow Day 2014. Stay warm! 

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