Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Bella Bar

**All opinions are my own. Rogue Fitness did not ask me to write this post or compensate me in any way. I am doing it because I love this bar. This review is my own opinion about this product. **

If you follow me on IG (@_caitlong) you may have seen this picture.

C and I got each other lifting bars for Christmas. We had both been eyeing the Rogue bars for quite some time. We got one bar, the stubby axle bar, and a few weights for C's birthday, but I hated that bar, so I never used it. I kept talking about the Bella Bar, so when I got it, I was beyond excited and ready to try it out.

The first thing I did was back squats. I just wanted to get a feel of the bar. Back squats probably wasn't the best way to get the best feel, but squats are my favorite, so that is how I started out. The bar itself is smaller than the average lifting bar. It is designed for a woman's hand, so the feel of it was amazing. I always feel like my grip sucks with the larger bars. 

Once I did back squats, I tried a few Clean & Jerks, and that is really where I fell in love with the bar. The bar was perfect and it allowed me to keep a good grip on the bar at all times. The fact that it weighs a little less is great too, especially if you are just getting into working out/lifting. The end of the bars, match the size of the bar that C got, so our weights fit both. 

Once I moved on from the C&J, I went into dead lifts. It probably wasn't my most thought out workout, but it was one really to just get to know the bar. Dead lifts with the Bella bar sealed the deal for me. I would always have to readjust my hands when using the normal size bars, and it always took me longer than I wanted to when it was time to dead lift. I got through all my dead lifts in a much quicker time than I usually do. I wasn't having to adjust my hands all the time, so it was a much better workout. 

I am a huge fan on Rogue Fitness. We have several things from them. We love that a lot of Rogue's stuff is American made. If you are in the position to purchase some Rogue equipment, do it! It will be money well spent. 

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