Monday, December 16, 2013

Traveling and a Santa gift

This weekend, boy was it a weekend. And a busy one at that. I took very few pictures this weekend, and they were crappy iPhone pictures. Sometimes I can take really good photos with the iPhone, but not this weekend. So I am sorry in advance! 

SO let me just say what is on everyone's mind... THERE ARE 9 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I am far beyond excited and I can't wait for C to open all his gifts and for us to just enjoy the day together! I am so excited! 

So on to how crazy my weekend was. Friday, after work, C and I decided to brave the crazy other side of town. We ventured across the river to Hamilton Place where I hit up Bath & Body Works. Buy 3 get 3 with $10 off? Yes please! I was not looking forward to him coming with me because I needed to do some shopping for him, but as luck would have it, he came in really handy when I needed the shopping bags to be carried. #worstwifeaward I know. 

Saturday we got up, got him fitted for a tux for an upcoming wedding next year, and grabbed lunch at our new favorite spot, Penn Station. Then we headed off to Bristol to visit grandparents. We got close, and I decided it was important to stop at Target to see if they had a gift I have been looking at to get C. Spoiler alert : they did. After finally getting back on the road, we made it to my Nana's house and the look on her face was priceless when she opened the door and saw us. We didn't tell her we were coming up, so it was a total surprise. Then to add to the surprise, my mom called her and told her that she was going to be coming home with us and spending Christmas with the family down here! After the excitement wore off, we ended up at Applebee's at 11:30 pm where we talked about Mudslides, dancing on tables, and partying. My nana cracks me up you guys.

Sunday we spent time with my dad's mom, then picked up my nana and her ten billion things she decided she needed, then headed home. The drive took forever, but the moon over the river was gorgeous, though the picture does not do it justice. 

And my Nana is an avid coffee drinker, and so C and I broke out our new Keurig that Santa is bringing us so that she didn't have to unpack hers. And I must say that Santa did a mighty fine job picking out our gift. We love it! Hard part is going to be putting it up until Christmas after my Nana goes to my mom's tonight. I don't see that happening. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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