Friday, December 27, 2013

Taking a break.

As Christmas has come and gone, I feel like I need to take the next week or so and really get my crap in order. My house is a complete mess, and don't even get me started on organizing and planning a blog post. That is not going to happen! So I plan on taking a little break from posting on this little ol' blog. I am going to focus on getting it in order and planning stuff much better and hopefully actually make something of this. Good luck right?

So my plans for this blog in 2014 are :

*Clean it up - New layout please!
*Grow it! - I'd like to hit 200 followers by the end of 2014
*Sponsor more blogs - I love the blogging community. If I want people to support me, I need to support them, so I am going to sponsor more blogs!
*Start taking sponsors - See above
*Start doing product reviews - My mom is a small business owner, so I want to show my support for the "Little guys" If you know of any shop that would be interested in having me review their product, please send them my way!
*Plan out my posts much better - I'd rather have posts planned out instead of rushing a the last minute to post something and it end up being just fluff.
*Share some of my favorite recipes, DIY projects, travels, etc - because who doesn't want to share good ideas?

So I have major plans for the blog here! I hope that any one who follows now will remember me when I come back in a week or so! And if anyone new stops by, I will be back!!

See you guys in 2014!!

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