Friday, December 13, 2013


This week has been such a crap week. Nothing like not being able to focus on anything. I have emails that I haven't replied to, blog posts that have gone unwritten, laundry that is yet to be done, and naps that have yet to be taken. Seriously crappiest week yet! And nothing particular has made it crappy, it has just been crappy.

One thing about this year that is new to us is just how busy we have been the entire last half of the year. August, September, October, and November were all full of travels, and only a little of that was relaxing. Now December is full! Oh December I was looking forward to enjoying the Christmas season and Christmas lights. I've only watched Christmas Vacation like 4 times this year!! What is that about??? I've only had 3 mugs of hot chocolate, and I have only wrapped 3 presents! News flash, I've only bought 5 gifts!! WHAT?!?!?! I'm way too behind! Someone come shop for me?

Good news is I finally get to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. Well, hopefully. C and I will also be traveling to see my grandparents that live 4 hours away. And I am pretty sure that we don't have a free weekend until I don't know, 2014. Yikes! I need sleep people. So in honor of needing sleep, I figured today I could post my sleep love list!

Holiday Flannel Sheet Set

1. first up is these sheets. We got a set last year around Christmas, and we love them, especially for winter. And for a King, they are just $25! You can't beat that! They are super cozy, and cozy sheets always make sleeping easier.

2. The Crane Drop Humidifier is awesome! We got it a few months ago, and we can tell a huge difference. I have really bad allergies in the winter, so this has helped me to sleep better, and a good night's sleep is what we all want!

3. I love jama pants. I am pretty sure you can just go ahead and call it an obsession. But I am super picky. I want them long enough, soft enough, warm (or cool) enough and cute enough. So when I am in need new jama pants, I tend to hit up Old Navy. In the spring/summer, they have the poplin pants which are super light, and in the fall/winter they have the flannel ones that I love! Plus they are festive, so I can always find the perfect pair for the holiday!

4. I am an avid lover of Terivs cups. I like that my drinks stay cold for a long time. I have a wonderful husband who always gets me a glass of water before bed, and he always uses a Tervis. They don't sweat, so it doesn't ruin my furniture.

5. EOS is great in general, but I always have some by my bed. I hate hate double hate chapped lips, so I use this stuff religiously! I use it right before I go to bed and first thing when I get up. I seem to always sleep better when I know I won't wake up with chapped lips!

Linking up for Five on Friday!

I hope everyone has a festive fun filled weekend!


  1. I love every single one of these! Maybe I just really love sleep? Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  2. I need those flannel sheets - and for only $25.. what a steal!!!

    Happy weekending!! :)

  3. LOVE those sheets! Cheers to sleep!!! :)
    Happy, merry weekend, beautiful!! xx



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