Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cruise Recap : Days at Sea

So after being back from our cruise for over a month, I finally got my laptop back and I feel like I can finally get this recap going! You can see other posts in this mini series here.

This post is going to be about the days at sea! Those are probably my favorite!

First off, this cruise that we went on had 3 days at sea. One was in between 2 ports, and then 2 days back to back at the end of the cruise. It was bittersweet having 2 days at sea before we docked back in Port Canaveral, FL.

These days are some of my favorite if you ask me. You can sleep in without fear of missing out on anything happening in port. I suggest you have breakfast delivered to your room on these mornings. Something about sleeping on a cruise ship is amazing. The rocking back and forth can easily put you to sleep in my opinion. So it only seems right to sleep in and have breakfast delivered. We usually just got coffee, pastries, and fruit. To me there was no sense in getting a huge breakfast when there is always food available.

There are plenty of things to do on board. The shops usually open much earlier on the days at sea, and so does the casino. But if you are looking for something more relaxing, check out the spa. Slots fill up fast for all the treatments for these days, so I suggest booking beforehand if you can, though the spa offers daily specials. I have had the pleasure of getting a massage while at sea, and it is truly a great experience. Like I mentioned before, the rocking back and forth of the ship can put you to sleep, so getting a massage while on board is extra special because it is so relaxing. Be careful to not be out in the sun after a massage though. Since they use oil, you can burn much easier. If you plan on heading to the pool, or laying out, I suggest jumping in the shower and washing off the oils first.

Speaking of pool, early bird gets the worm. I know I said sleep in, and I stand by that, but if you are one of those people who love to lay out by the pool, and not the upper deck, then get up early so you can get a lounge chair. They ask you not to save chairs, so please be in or around your lounge chair, or in the pool. As the day goes on, the pool gets overly crowded. The Cruise staff usually has activities planned for around the pool. I have seen everything from pool volleyball, a belly flop competition, a sexiest man competition, a hairiest man competition, giant Jenga, and movies. The kids seem to overwhelm the pool area during the main part of the day, so I try and hit the pool either early or late. The Freedom of the Seas had a kids area where there were a bunch of the smaller kids were, and there was an adults only area which a lot of the older people were, so the main pool is usually full of everyone else. There are a ton of lounge chairs, but not near enough for everyone.

Other than the pool and shops, most cruise ships offer a lot of other things to do. Freedom of the Seas has a mini golf course, a basketball court, rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, and so much more. C’s favorite was the Flow Rider. C loved this! We spent quite a bit of time here. It is a unique experience that is for sure. I personally did not surf, but C sure did. He started off at the beginner level which was body boarding or sitting on the board on your knees, and worked his way up to the advance stand up surfing. It was a lot of fun to watch. Several of the larger RCI ships had the Flow Rider, so if you are on one of those, please go check it out!!

For those who aren’t into the spa, shopping, pool, or other activities, there are usually movies showing throughout the day, along with other things. I have seen everything from Art Auctions, to dance classes. C and I actually went to the swing dance class which was super fun and has sparked a new love of dancing. We are looking into taking dance classes because of it. But there are also lectures and other educational talks. Usually there are activities that you have to pay for, like cupcake decorating classes, classes teaching you how to make Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, etc.

The biggest part of days at sea is the food. There is almost always some kind of food to eat, and there is so much! The Windjammer Café has just about everything. For lunch one day, between C and I there was a burger, stir fry, pasta, and nachos at our table. The variety of food is crazy, but it because they are accommodating several cultures.

Days at sea can be a little overwhelming though, because everyone is on the ship looking for something to do, so just be prepared for that. There is almost always something to do, so you shouldn’t ever be bored.

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