Thursday, November 21, 2013

Under the Weather Favorites

Being sick has knocked me off my feet. There is just no other way to put it. I was sick all last week, but it didn't get bad until Sunday afternoon. Monday, it got worse, and it got even worse on Tuesday. When I woke up Wednesday, I was sure that I had almost gotten over it until I got to work and had a sinus headache that made a heater on low in another room sound like a bulldozer. Que the tears and a trip to the doctor!

Sinus Infection = 1 Cait = 0. I got medication, and went home and laid in bed until C got home. By that point, my ears had so much pressure in them, they were ringing making it impossible for me to sleep. I convinced C to drive up the mountain so I could get my ears to pop. It is only weird if it doesn't work. And it worked. I was so thankful the moment my ears popped!! Downside, I got nauseated from the curves.

Sinus Infection = 2 Cait = 0. It got so bad that I actually fell asleep on the bathroom floor. Not my finest moment, but I am so glad that I had just cleaned the floor 2 days before! I felt so bad for C because I know that seeing me sick is hard on him because there is nothing he can do to help.

So in being under the weather, there are a few things I love to have around me to make me feel a little better. Who knows, maybe some of my favorites will help you get through being under the weather, though I hope you don't ever get sick!! It is no fun!

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I love this humidifier. I use it all winter anyway, but I especially love it when I am sick. It helps me breathe easier, and it gives off a little white noise which helps me fall asleep. Plus it is super cute. It is well worth the money.

I hate hate double hate the taste of regular cough drops, so when I found these, I fell in love! I always have a bag at home just in case I get a slight cough. They help almost immediately. And speaking of immediate relief, those Kleenex are the bomb. I are super picky about my Kleenex because I don't want a Rudolph nose no matter how festive it would be. I just found these Wednesday, and they are now the only Kleenex I plan on buying. Maybe it is only me, but I find that when I am sick, I get chapped lips quick. I have found the best way to offset the dreaded chapped lips is to use Chapstick like it is my job. Good news is the original Chapstick is cheap, and no one ever uses an entire tube anyway, so once you are over being sick, just toss it in the trash to avoid spreading germs.

A big problem I have when I am sick is I get dehydrated. So having a cute cup to drink out of actually helps me drink more water. Staying hydrated is so important anyway, so I have many cute cups to choose from.

I don't know about you guys, but being under the weather means that I want cozy socks, sweat pants, a hoodie and a heated blanket. C and I bought this heated blanket not long ago, and we love it! I may or may not have pulled ours off the bed to use while I was laying on the couch. And those socks. Talk about comfy. I suggest you hope on over to J.Crew's website and buy them in all colors.

Lastly, I keep a bottle of Bath and Body Works PocketBacs with me at all times. I am always washing my hands and using sanitizer when I am sick. I do whatever I can to avoid spreading germs. My personal favorite this time of year is either Creamy Pumpkin or Candy Cane Bliss.

And there you have it, my under the weather favorites. I hope that you never need this list.

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