Monday, November 4, 2013

Tis' the Season!

Let the Christmas posts begin! 

Oh how I have been looking forward to this weekend! The first weekend in November is always a win in my book even though it is full of pre-Christmas Decoration cleaning. Seriously, who wants to do that? Friday night was spent once again waiting for A to get off work so she could come stay with us. Since my sisters don't live close, it is really nice that my step-sister lives 10 minutes away.

Like I said, the weekend was full of pre-Christmas Decoration cleaning, but that was put on hold long enough for me to enjoy my first, second, third and fourth candy cane of the season. I also made a pretty awesome discovery that sweet tea and candy canes go really well together! 

And Sunday, after church, we had to run errands to get a few cheap bookcases to put movies on until we decide on something else, and that meant a Target run. I told C we would be in and out because we had a ton to do today, and that didn't happen. We got the bookcases, and then proceeded to the Halloween stuff. I always like shopping for stuff a few days after a holiday is over. Major sales are always a win! But we ended up walking around and looking at the Christmas stuff, and needless to say, it took us about an hour an a half in Target. Opps. I made it up to C though with Starbucks! It is red cup season!! And that meant it was my first Peppermint Mocha of the season too! Oh how I love the little things that put me in the Christmas mood even more!

And after hours of cleaning, we sat down to take a small Christmas filled break. Big surprise there right? We watched Elf, ate popcorn, and C started a small winter scene painting for me to take to work. I am rather excited about it. 

We also got a surprise visit from A again Sunday evening. We had a pretty great time just hanging out outside, though it reminded me that we need to pressure wash the driveway. Looks like we will be doing that soon! 

I had all intentions of having one of the many Christmas trees up this weekend, but it didn't happen. I got several other Christmas decorations up though! 

And just a little vent :
I love Christmas. There is no doubt about that. But I love decorating for other holidays. In fact, does anyone remember this post? That is right. I had fall decorations up August 1st. I had the house decorated from August 1st into the first week of October. I left my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations up for 2+ months. I loved looking at them, but by the time I pulled out the Halloween decorations, I was over them. So October had Halloween decorations up, and not the creepy decorations, more of the cute decorations. But they came down November 1st. So that meant it was time for Christmas decorations. And I had a lot of people tell me it was too soon, that I was skipping a holiday. Wait a minute...what? Since when is decorating for Christmas considered skipping a holiday? I don't think so. I have possibly 6 Christmas trees that will be going up around my house. That takes time people. Like a lot of time. More time than I care to admit. If I started decorating for Christmas on Black Friday, I would get done just in time for Christmas Eve, and then according to what is "socially acceptable" I would need my decorations down the following week. Um no. This Christmas loving girl is not for all of that!
Let me explain my logic behind my decorating schedule. I put fall decorations up in August so that I can enjoy them as long as possible. And Halloween decorations are up for a month. November's holiday ties right into my fall decorations that I have already enjoyed for the season. Like I stated above, I have possibly 6 trees going up and that takes time. So I start decorating in early November after I have done a pre-Christmas Decoration deep clean of my house. I spend the time in November putting up all my decorations except for actually decorating my living room tree. And that tree doesn't go up until the week of Thanksgiving. I take the time in November to do the time consuming decorating so that when Thanksgiving rolls around, a)my house is clean, and b) I can enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping knowing that the last little bit of decorating will be done on Saturday morning as part of a tradition. Then I have all of December to enjoy the decorations and do Christmas things like parades, etc. I love Chattanooga at Christmas and if I waited to decorate until Black Friday, there is no way that I would actually get to enjoy Christmas time. 
And for the record, I will never skip Thanksgiving. Giving up all that yummy food? No, I plan on fully celebrating Thanksgiving by eating as much yummy food as I can possibly handle.
The Saturday after Black Friday is officially Christmas Saturday. We decorate thee living room tree, we make Christmas waffles, and we watch Christmas Vacation for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth time of the season. We also watch UGA vs GT and drink plenty of hot chocolate. It is a tradition and I love it. 
End rant...

I hope y'all had a fun filled festive weekend! 
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  1. Wow, you've gotten a much better start on Christmas decorations that me! It looks like you had a great weekend!

    Forever Young

    1. I'd keep Christmas decorations up all year round if it was socially acceptable! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A girl after my own heart! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I'm already 90% done with Christmas gift shopping and have purchased Christmas cards - decorating is next! I hope you'll post pics of all of those trees (six, wow!) ... sounds amazing!

    1. Lucky!! I have done very little shopping for gifts! I've made my list though!! I'm hoping to put together a house tour post!



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