Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This time last year...

At this time last year, I was sick. I got strep. It was a horrible experience considering I hadn't been sick like that in a long time. I was off work for several days. You can read a little about that here.

This year, guess what has happened!! That is right! I am sick again. I feel horrible, much worse than last year. I am pretty sure that C was ready to take me to the hospital last night because it seemed like I was dying. It is just horrible. I have gone through a bag of cough drops, a box of Kleenex, 2 PocketBac's from Bath and Body, and several bottles of water. And as luck would have it, working for family is a major con right now seeing as how I am terrified to ask off work this year. So for now, I will just be hiding in my office when I get to work.

Now more than ever, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!! So much so that I am even considering making Thanksgiving dinner for C and I this weekend complete with a turkey. I should probably learn how to cook a turkey first though.

I am glad Thanksgiving is a week later this year because that means I might not be sick over Thanksgiving! If anyone has any advice on how to kick this crap without seeing a doctor, I'm all ears! I hate going to the doctor!! Though I probably will end up going if I don't get better by Friday.

Who else is ready for Thanksgiving?

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