Thursday, November 7, 2013

Not your average Thursday post.

I had a cute festive Love List post planned for today, but I forgot to add a few more photos, so it is waiting until tomorrow to be posted.

I ordered a few Christmas cards today. Snapfish sent me an email with a deal for 20 free Christmas cards. Unfortunately, it was specifically for my email address, or I would share the code with you guys. I had a hard time picking out what pictures I wanted to put on the card, and ultimately I got to pick 3. The ones we used are below.

I edited the side out of it where you can see the mess of a backdrop. 

My second favorite picture from the cruise.

My favorite favorite favorite picture!! 

When we took these, I felt pretty crappy after because I was just sure they weren't going to turn out well because I felt like the way he posed us was just not natural or wouldn't look good, and I loved the background because it works perfectly in our room. Then we saw them. My jaw hit the floor. There were several that I didn't like, but I could easily pick 3 that I loved! We love this some much that we are getting it done on canvas for our room. I am pretty darn excited about that! 

Anyone notice the ring fingers? Anyone remember this post? Well, C and I got the tattoos done a week after that post, about 30 days before our cruise, and I didn't want to show them off to you guys until I had the perfect picture, and I feel like this is it! That tattoo is my favorite! 

Do you send out Christmas cards? 


  1. We have not done it in a while but I do plan on sending them out this year.. We have a dog now so I cant wait for us to be all dressed up and take Holiday pics!! Love pics btw..

    1. Thanks so much!! I wanted to include our pup, but we didn't get any good family pictures, so I am making that my goal for next year.



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