Friday, November 8, 2013

Festive Love List!

It is that time! Christmas posts will be scattered all throughout the blog from now until New Year's. So in honor of that, I wanted to do my first Christmas Love List! Currently I am loving :

1. Peppermint Mocha : Over the weekend I had the first one of the season, and I am dying for my next! The closest Starbucks is 15-20 minutes away, and in the complete opposite direction of the way I usually travel, so I hardly ever get to go. It is super sad, but I think that I will be making more special trips out that way now that it is red cup season.

2. Comfy Throws : I have this throw in gray, and once I realized how wonderful it was, I have been dying to get the red one for Christmas. It is on sale now at Target, so get it quick if you want it!

3. Festive Pajamas : Old navy is just about the only place I buy jama pants. I don't know why, but I do. These with the snowmen are adorable! I can't wait until I can make it to Old Navy to scoop up some festive pj's! 

4. Candy Canes and sweet tea : I made this discovery last weekend, and I have been loving it ever since! Totally a great way to get in the Christmas mood and still sip that sweet Southern tea! 

5. Christmas music : This might possibly make the cut for all my festive love lists! I've been listening to everything from my Michael Buble' (Holiday) Pandora station, to the Elf soundtrack, to other random Christmas songs that I just happen to find. My favorite might just be the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's version of Carol of the Bells. It is a classic if you ask me. 

What are you loving this week?

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  1. oh my gosh golly i am LOVING everything you wrote about too!!!! it's PERFECT snuggle weather here in my town today...couldn't be loving it more!!! and since i nanny..i may or may not be wearing microfeece pants to work. ;) so comfy!!!! xx



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