Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Getaway Recap!

Okay, are you ready for a ton of pictures? I sure hope so because that is what you are going to get! This weekend C and I went to the Ocoee to spend the weekend with some friends. We got a deal on living social for a 2 night stay and horseback riding and rafting, and we finally put it to goo use! It was a blast! So I guess I shouldn't keep you waiting! Here is our weekend in pictures!!


Note to self : using your iPhone camera while horseback riding will not give you great pictures. 
This one is one of my very favorites! I wish It had been captured by my good camera over an iPhone. C had his horse stop so that I could catch up so he could hold my hand. 

After horseback riding and rafting, I got to take some pictures of Jess and Ken for their anniversary! It was so much fun and I am glad that I got to capture these gems! Obviously I wish I had the actual picture and not a picture of a picture, but my computer crashed, so posting from my phone is how I'm blogging today!

Jess was kind enough to return the favor and she took some pictures of C and I! Again, I can't wait to get them so that I can show you good pictures and not blurry picture of a picture pictures.

Dinner! Okay, Let me just start by saying that if you are ever in the Blue Ridge, GA area, please at all costs, avoid the Tocoa Riverside Restaurant! First off, Jess ordered crab stuffed mushrooms and there was crab shells in the mushroom, and I am not talking tiny bits of shell, I am talking chunks of shell and there were a ton of them!! The owner made us pay for them because the "majority" of them were eaten. I promise you Jess had more shell than food in those mushrooms! Next we ordered. I ordered the filet mignon (medium), Jess ordered the prime rib (medium rare), Ken ordered the flat iron steak (medium well), and C ordered the rib-eye (medium). C's steak was fine, Ken's was cooked medium, Jess' was cold, and mine was not filet mignon, but a thick slice of sirloin and rare, and slightly warm. I knew mine wasn't filet because I could not cut it with my knife at all. Jess' food has been sitting in the danger zone for God knows how long, just like mine had. The 3 of us who's food was wrong send our food back and said we didn't want it fixed, we just wanted it off our bill. We get our bill, it was originally $109, and it had been discounted to $72. Our meals weren't completely comped because we ate the salad. We were also charged for bread even though the menu stated the bread was included in the meals. Somehow they were still charging us extra. We talked to 2 servers. During the course of our visit here, with all the problems we had, no manager or owner came out to apologize. When we finally got a manager to come over about the bill, she lied and said she knew nothing about what had been going on and refused to do anything about our bill. A different server came over to try to explain why we were being charged what we had been charged, and we asked to speak to the owner since he had been there. When he came out, he was rude and ill-mannered. He said we had to pay our bill because it was for the food we ate. When we said we didn't agree with it, he accused us of stealing from him. (Please explain that! Only 1 of the 4 of us got to eat. We had agreed to pay for the food we ate, but not for the mysterious extra charges.) He also threatened to call the cops on us, and was yelling at us. Completely unprofessional, and I might add, I was a bit afraid that he was mentally unsound and could possibly harm us. We ended up paying the bill and leaving all in a mess of emotions. This is not the first time it had happened, but several others had problems with the owner. I strongly urge you not to visit that restaurant!!! 

Moving on. 

It was a great weekend and I am so glad that we got to spend it with Jess and Ken. 

When we finally got home, I finally put our pumpkins out. I am no where near finished with the front porch, but I was just glad to have a few pumpkins to make me feel as festive as possible! 

Monday morning, It was brought to my attention that my sister's wedding pictures were ready to view!! I took screen shots of most of them, so please excuse the blurriness!

My favorite picture or the wedding party!!
My favorite sister picture!! 

And I leave you with my favorite picture of C and I! It was in color, but since I instagramed it (@mylifeasalong), I discovered that I love it in this color!! 

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I hope y'all had a great weekend!!


  1. Sounds like such a great weekend, ummm except for the horrible service. I'd make sure to get yourself over to YELP and give them a review so people are warned. I hate when owners react like you are doing something wrong when you complain. I never end up going back to places like that.

    1. YELP is getting a review for sure! I'm the same way, I won't ever go back.

  2. Oh. My. Word. That restaurant sounds like a nightmare!!!!
    But otherwise, amazing weekend :)



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