Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh Friday!

Friday has finally come! Sweet! I have been looking forward to this Friday for weeks! No, actually months! Like 6 months! C and I are off on a little weekend getaway as soon as we both get off work. We will be staying in a cabin tonight and tomorrow night! Activities include horseback riding and white water rafting as long as it isn't freezing! I am planning a nice picnic for lunch, and even a dinner at a local Brewery! Totally something C will love! As I was typing that, I poured my coffee all down my shirt. Frick! 

This little getaway is coming at the perfect time. We have been going through a lot as a couple. Don't get me wrong, we are doing great, but there has been a lot going on outside our relationship, and those things take a toll on us and our relationship, and honestly, getting away is something that is needed. We have our cruise coming up which is so long overdue, but this little quick mini vaca is needed just as much! 

Sometimes you just need to escape real life, even if it is just for a few days! C and I will be doing just that! My plan is to even be "unplugged" the entire weekend except for when I break out my camera to take some anniversary pictures of some dear friends that will be there at the same time as us. Of course, C and I are getting pictures taken of us as well, so expect to see those really soon!! But being "unplugged" is something I am really looking forward to!

Even though I just posted my Love List yesterday, I figured I would participate in the FiveOnFriday link-up.

I am loving this picture! With the pictures that we have coming up, I am really hoping to get something like this. 

It is hot chocolate season, and I am dying to do this! I'm picturing lots of peppermint and candy cane pieces though!

C and I are currently looking at houses. We aren't going to buy for at least another year, but it doesn't hurt to start looking around. We have a pretty ugly master bath right now, so I am praying that when we buy, we can get a nice master bath. The one above is almost my dream bathroom, almost. 

We have a "free" weekend at the beginning of November, and I am dying to have a few friends over. I've wanted to have a get together and have some kind of "bar." C and I eat waffles almost every Saturday morning, so I really am considering having a Waffle Bar, a Pancake Bar, or even a Toast Bar. Though in the end, I am pretty sure that a Hot Chocolate Bar is what I am going to end up with. Still yummy though. 

This is now my go to outfit! Ever since this past weekend, I have been loving the leggings I bought, and I can't get enough of them. I've worn both pair already this week, and I am starting to think that I need to go invest in another pair of each, but then I am afraid the girls at work might think I never do laundry because I am always wearing the same leggings. Either way, this is now my go-to outfit! And it will be the outfit I wear while we get pictures done this weekend!

Happy Friday y'all! Have a great weekend!


  1. Oooh! Enjoy your getaway! I'm jealous!

    1. Thanks, I had a great weekend!! Everyone needs a little vaca!



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