Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Manic Wednesday???

Guys, I am overwhelmed! I mentioned back in July that we were pretty much booked every weekend until the end of October. Well that hasn't changed. The thing that has changed is the fact that we are now booked until the end of November! Say what?

August consisted of celebrating my husband birthday (2nd-4th), my sister's wedding shower (10th), another wedding shower and taking engagement pictures for my sister (17th), a 30th birthday weekend for a dear friend (23rd-25th), a Bachlorette Cruise for my sister (29th-1st).

September included my birthday (6th), my sister's wedding weekend (6th-8th), taking my Nana home (14th-15th), finally a relaxing weekend (19th-21st), and last weekend was a wedding, hiking, and pumpkin picking (27th-29th).

Just reading all that makes me want to take a nap in a hammock. But that is no where near as busy as October and November!

October is going to look like this!!
4th-6th : A weekend getaway including rafting and horseback riding
12th - 13th : Apple picking and celebrating my birthday with family
18th-27th : Our anniversary cruise! Now this I am looking forward to because it means relaxing!

November is packed full too!!
1st-3rd : We are taking a much needed break from traveling and we will be relaxing at home.
8th-10th : We will be going to visit C's brother on Saturday, then baking with his mom on Sunday
15th-17th : Our annual family trip with my dad's side of the family!
22nd-24th : Christmas shopping all weekend! I want to be done shopping the first weekend in December!
28th-1st : Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, Christmas Saturday!! That means Sunday I sleep!

And as of now, we just about have December all booked up too! We just have to finalize some dates! I tell you what, I am looking forward to January so I can do nothing on the weekend for a change! I sure love this time of year, but I had no clue it was going to be this busy!!!

Do you have any great plans for the rest of the year?


  1. You are totally jammed! But at least in October and November you will have some "you" related activities like your anniversary cruise, apple picking and relaxing at home!

    1. Yeah, the cruise is looking more and more relaxing each day!



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