Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love List : Cruise Edition!

We are 9 days away from starting our Anniversary vacation! I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself!! 9 full days of not working? Sign me up for that every single month! Okay, not really because I actually enjoy working, but I am looking forward to this long overdue vacation! While I would love to pack all of you guys in my luggage so that you could come along, I can't. I can take a lot of pictures though!

So C and I aren't expert cruisers, but I do see myself as having a little knowledge as far as what to pack. So in honor of this Love List Thursday, I present you the Love List : Cruise Edition!

J.Crew Canvas Overnight Bag : This bag is perfect to pack your cruise carry on items! It is small so it isn't a hassle to carry around, and it is still big enough to hold a swimsuit, maxi dress, and dinner clothes for the husband along with a few toiletries!

Formal attire : There are 2 formal nights on a week long cruise. Every time I have been on a cruise, I make sure to really dress up on formal nights. Some people don't take it to the level that my family and I do, but we don't get to wear formal dresses and suits and ties very often. Go big or go home right? I've worn this dress in black with a white ribbon, and this dress in marine (navy). I am taking both those dresses to wear, along with the dress in the above picture to wear for our anniversary.

Beach/Pool essentials : This includes everything from sunscreen to a big floppy hat to a beach tote! Cute swim suits are a must too!! I have packed this top and this top in black with bottoms to match, but a girl has to have some color, so I have navy, white, teal, pink, red, and black mix and match tops and bottoms that have been brought along!

Wristlet : We can't forget about something to hold your card and camera in! I carry this wristlet, just in a different print. I can carry my sea pass card (Royal Caribbean's card that you use to get in your room, as well as charge any on board purchases on, and the card that you use to get on and off the ship) and my camera. The outside pocket fits my camera perfectly! This also allows me to keep all my receipts in a zipper pocket along with any cash that I am carrying. 

Other essentials include : 
Surge Protector : because there are just a few plug ins
Pop Open Hamper : to help keep all your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones
Over the Door organizer : to help keep your bathroom clutter free
Travel Alarm Clock : so you can wake up on time for that massage your wonderful husband booked for you!
Extra Bags : to help with repacking that never quite fits back in the suitcase right, and for those souvenirs that you picked up
Tervis Tumbler : I prefer to use my own cup that the ones they have, plus a Tervis will keep your drinks cold while you are laying out!
Kindle or other eReader : because carrying books is just too much work! 
Cheap Sunnies : because I don't want to take a chance on losing the good expensive ones!
Over the Shoulder bag : for while you are out shopping! It holds everything from a camera, to your extra bags, to lip balm, to your passport and seapass card. 
Passport Cover : Passports are boring, so this dresses it up, and allows you to have an extra pocket to keep your id/credit card/seapass card right there with your passport
Post-it notes : Your stateroom attendant has several other rooms to handle as well, so having post it notes makes asking for ice, etc so much easier. Don't forget your pen. 
Hair Dryer : If your cruise line supplies one, it will suck, so bring your own! 
Wrinkle Release Spray : between packing and traveling, your clothes might have wrinkles, and instead of paying to have them ironed on board, just bring this stuff!
After Burn Lotion : just in case! 
Air Freshener :  sharing a small bathroom with my husband is not ideal. 
Hand sanitizer : Germs! Ick! And it is again better to be safe than sorry! You can also get a cute holder for them. 

One key piece of advice that I think is important to mention is pack half the clothes you think you will need, and twice the money. 

I am sure that I am missing something, because I am still in the process of packing. I am sure I will have more to add when I get back! Be looking for a post cruise packing list! 

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  1. This is seriously awesome!
    Next cruise I'm determined to get a giant floppy hat - my husband thinks they're awful, but he doesn't have to wear them! ;) so excited for you!!!



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