Friday, October 25, 2013

Love List : Blogger Edition [Meet Hallie from Life:Oceanside]

So last on my guest posting list is Ms Hallie! She is pretty awesome! Don't ask me how I found her blog, but I did, and I am glad! Life:Oceanside is the first blog I ever sponsored. I keep up with her blog daily. She just did a series of posts on transitioning summer outfits to be fall outfits and I loved every single one of them!! Check out some of my favorite posts of Hallie's! One Two Three Four

Without anymore of a delay, Meet Hallie!!

Hi Y'all, I am Hallie, and I blog over at my little side of the interweb, Life:Oceanside.

I am super excited to be posting on Ms. Cait's blog today while she is vacationing, and we are all here dreading another day of work. Hope you are having fun Cait, but just know we all don't want to see any gorgeous pictures, or here how amazing your cruise was when you return, kidding of course, well kind of.

I know that Cait is amazing with her love lists so I wanted to share my love list too, Blogger Edition.

What I love about blogging is...EVERYTHING. There are so many positives such as..

Creativity: Endless opportunities to write, or say whatever you want. Sure not everyone is going to agree with you or sometimes even care about anything you have to say, but being able to openly speak about exciting new things, or situations that are not our favorite. It's a great way to open our creative minds and make a difference in the world, even if it is a small one.


 Friendships: BEST THING ABOUT BLOGGING...ever. I can not even go in to detail about the friendships I have made through that blog of mine. It's actually sad now 90% of my closest friends are across the country and who I rely on text messages, skype, and sometimes even blog comments to keep up with. These people know me better than some of my own friends, and even family. That is something I could never say for any other aspect of my life.

Staying in the know: By reading blogs and brushing up on your favorite people there is so much room to learn new things, as well keep up with the newest trends. Not just in fashion, but in general. Sometimes I know NOTHING about politics but can read a certain perspective and know exactly what is going on. It's just a good way to keep updated from a point of view that is NOT a big company professional writer.

I could go on for hours, even days about my love list of blogging but those are a few of my favorites!
If you stop by and say hi, make sure to let me know you are visiting from Ms. Cait's blog!

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