Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm back!

I'm back! We had such an amazing time on our cruise, and we were fortunate enough to have the week go by so slow. It seemed like it would never end which made it okay when it finally did end. We ate more food than we should, and hung out at the pool. We drank more champagne than I ever have, and we enjoyed several of the bars on board. I got some great anniversary gifts, and I hope that C feels the same about his. I want to do a full recap for the cruise, but I plan on doing it in sections. Here are the posts I have planned :

Days at Sea
Ports of Call
Purchases/Is it worth it?
Packing List Amended
Did we enjoy it? (and some pictures)

We had some amazing photos taken along with some of the amazing ones we took ourselves! So be prepared! I might combine a few of these posts. I am not sure how it is going to work, but I definitely want to cover everything I can for any of you who want to know about cruising!

And now for a few of the photos I have on my computer! I am glad to be back and I just wanted to say a special thanks to my guest posters!

Our Anniversary picture!! 

This is probably our favorite picture from the entire cruise!

Linking up with Sami! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Love List : Blogger Edition [Meet Hallie from Life:Oceanside]

So last on my guest posting list is Ms Hallie! She is pretty awesome! Don't ask me how I found her blog, but I did, and I am glad! Life:Oceanside is the first blog I ever sponsored. I keep up with her blog daily. She just did a series of posts on transitioning summer outfits to be fall outfits and I loved every single one of them!! Check out some of my favorite posts of Hallie's! One Two Three Four

Without anymore of a delay, Meet Hallie!!

Hi Y'all, I am Hallie, and I blog over at my little side of the interweb, Life:Oceanside.

I am super excited to be posting on Ms. Cait's blog today while she is vacationing, and we are all here dreading another day of work. Hope you are having fun Cait, but just know we all don't want to see any gorgeous pictures, or here how amazing your cruise was when you return, kidding of course, well kind of.

I know that Cait is amazing with her love lists so I wanted to share my love list too, Blogger Edition.

What I love about blogging is...EVERYTHING. There are so many positives such as..

Creativity: Endless opportunities to write, or say whatever you want. Sure not everyone is going to agree with you or sometimes even care about anything you have to say, but being able to openly speak about exciting new things, or situations that are not our favorite. It's a great way to open our creative minds and make a difference in the world, even if it is a small one.


 Friendships: BEST THING ABOUT BLOGGING...ever. I can not even go in to detail about the friendships I have made through that blog of mine. It's actually sad now 90% of my closest friends are across the country and who I rely on text messages, skype, and sometimes even blog comments to keep up with. These people know me better than some of my own friends, and even family. That is something I could never say for any other aspect of my life.

Staying in the know: By reading blogs and brushing up on your favorite people there is so much room to learn new things, as well keep up with the newest trends. Not just in fashion, but in general. Sometimes I know NOTHING about politics but can read a certain perspective and know exactly what is going on. It's just a good way to keep updated from a point of view that is NOT a big company professional writer.

I could go on for hours, even days about my love list of blogging but those are a few of my favorites!
If you stop by and say hi, make sure to let me know you are visiting from Ms. Cait's blog!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love List : Fall Edition [Meet Samantha from Life Style Love]

Next up on the guest posting list is Samantha! She will tell you a little more about how we got to know each other, but I've got to say that Samantha is a girl after my own wine loving heart! She and her husband are super adorable, and I can't forget to mention her awesome recipes she shares on her blog! I am starting a list on the ones I want to try! Check our some of my favorite posts of Samantha's. One Two Three Four

Without any further delay, Meet Samantha! 

HEY THERE! I'm excited to be visiting today from my blog, Life Style Love! I'm not excited about the fact that Cait is on a cruise and we're not :) But anyway, Cait and I got to know each other through the Love Dare link-up and connected right away through e-mails back and forth - meeting people like this is definitely in my Top 3 Perks of Blogging. Cait and I are so similar in the fact that we are young, newlywed ladies just bloggin about life, wine-lovers, and huge fans of Christmas-time. But today, I'm here to share with you my current Love List: Fall Edition. These are the things I've been lovin on this fall season:

1. Sweaters & boots: I love fall fashion. Even though summer is probably my favorite season because of the MN lakes, I love when the weather turns cool enough to whip out the sweaters, boots, and skinnies! I am by no means, a fashion blogger; but these are some of the fall looks that I have had enough guts to share in blogland:

                                   here                                                                         here

2. Oktoberfest beer: I am much more of a wine drinker, but I've tried a few fall beers in the past month or so that I've really liked - Leinkugel's Oktoberfest and Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat are really good. Also, like 2 weeks ago, I had my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte - loved it! Obviously.

3. Printables: This is my latest decor obsession because all you need is a frame, a printer, and some talented person online to create a printable. Then, you can change out the printable each season to switch things up without spending any money. This is the Fall printable I have in our kitchen:

4. Fall baking: There's something about the smell of apple cider or something baking in the oven during the fall season. One of my favorites is my Peanut Butter Banana Bread that tastes so yummy at this time of year. 
You can find my recipe here:

Tell us what you're loving this season, or month, or week! And thanks to Cait for having me this week :)
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here is to 3 years!

3 years has flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was seeing C for the first time in years. The past 3 years have been the best of my life! We have gone through some serious struggles, but we have grown so much together, and our love is so much stronger!

This past year has been full of fun things. I wouldn't trade a single day of it for anything! 

We went on our second vacation alone.
The first was just a weekend in Gatlinburg just 4 short months before that cruise.  

I got to run my first 5K mud run!

C got to run a mud run as well. 

We celebrated Memorial day with family.

We learned important lessons

We had an awesome pup who woke us up late at night
Side note, changing her food worked!

We celebrated the 4th!

Complete with a festive breakfast.

We made bad day trip traveling decisions causing us to sit in traffic for hours!  

We finally got the picture I have been dying to get since we moved to Chattanooga.

We watched my oldest sister get married, danced, and sent off floating lanterns!
(We also got some great pictures of us.) 

We made funny faces.

We went to a wedding at a zoo!

And we made our annual trip to get pumpkins!

C surprised me with a great date night

Even though this past year was full of great times, marriage isn't all sunshine and flowers. Sometimes there is rain. C and I had to deal with a lot of rain this year, and we got through each storm and we came out stronger that we were before the storm. It has been the best year of marriage so far! 

I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with C and I can't wait to see what the next year of marriage brings! I love C more than anything and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Even if he drives me crazy sometimes, I still know he loves me for me and not who he wants me to be. He allows me to be myself, and I am forever thankful that he doesn't try and change the person that I am. He supports me and cares about me. He does the dishes because he knows I hate them and he doesn't do laundry because he knows I am particular about that. He always gets me water before bed, and watches my favorite TV shows with me. He doesn't complain when I keep the house cold in the winter because he knows I love it. He is simply amazing and I don't know what I did to deserve him! He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, my punching bag when I need it, and most importantly, he is the love of my life. I don't know where I would be without him. I am so thankful that God put C in my life. God knew that C was exactly what I needed in a spouse! I love you C! 

In other news, we are currently, we are celebrating our anniversary in St Thomas! Makes for the best anniversary yet! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Layering [Meet Caitlin from Voguish at Best]

So since I knew I was going to be gone for a week, I set up some guest posts!! I have gotten together with some amazing ladies to bring you lots of good stuff!! First up is Caitlin over at Voguish at Best! She is super sweet and her and I share one major thing in common. We have the same name with the same spelling! She is a doll and I have really enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months! I always love seeing what new outfit she has posted! Check out some of my favorite posts of Caitlin's. One Two Three Four

Without any more of a delay, meet Caitlin!!

Good morning everyone!

I’m Caitlin from Voguish at BestI am so excited to be doing this post, as it’s my very first guest post!

Cait and I met through a wonderful program called Cara Box, which was created by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals. It’s a fun pen-pal type assignment that centers on getting to know another blogger, and then sending them a gift box at the end of the season full of things you know they would love! It’s such a positive program, and I’ve loved being a part of it and meeting new bloggers from around the US.

That being said, I’m incredibly honored to be guest blogging on Cait’s blog. I
thought it would be fun to go over some Fall layering tips, as it’s definitely
starting to get a little nippy here in Virginia!

I do a lot of outfit posts and personal style entries, so I’d love to share a few Fall looks with you. I’ll be focusing on how to best style dresses for Fall, since they’re my favorite! 
For me, it’s all about creative layering!

1. Layering Blouses

One of my favorite ways to transition my dresses into colder weather is to use a collared or detailed blouse! Not only does it provide an extra layer of warmth, but it also creates the opportunity for a lot of fun patterns and textures. I've always been somewhat resistant to the idea that certain articles of clothing are only for certain seasons – dresses are one of those items for me that can easily be remixed and layered for year-round use.

I often use turtle necks, collared shirts (like a plain or printed chambray) or a blouse with ruffles or a bow to create an interesting layer to a dress.

2.  Cozy Sweaters

Never underestimate the power of a great sweater in comfort, warmth and style!
As you can probably tell by now, I wear an excessive amount of dresses. They’re so versatile, and are definitely my favorite to wear and style. When it starts to get colder, I like to change things up a bit and reach for a cozy sweater to throw over my dresses and skirts instead of the typical cardigan (although I also do that on occasion!). You can belt it for some waist definition, or leave it loose. You can also add some pop to your sweaters by layering a patterned or collared blouse beneath it, so it peeks through at the collar and/or the sleeves.

The bottom line with this layering tip is that a dress can be used multiple ways – in this instance, it can be used as a skirt! It can also be used as a top, when tucked into another skirt. Remixing in this way can really utilize your favorite dress’s best features!

3. Tights and Pants

One of the easiest tips I can give is to don your favorite pair of skinny jeans and grab a shorter summer dress to use as a tunic! Sometimes just adding jeans, a sweater and a scarf can make use of that super-cute dress you love but that just won’t cut it in the winter time.  
Tights are the slightly less warm option, but they’re a whole new level of fun, with endless options of color, pattern and texture.

Thanks for letting me share a few of my favorite ways to layer in this transitional season!
I hope this Fall is everything you’re hoping for – a time of spicy seasonings, scented candles, family, friends, treats, a few tricks, and a new leaf for your personal style.

Hope to see you around Voguish sometimes,

Until then,



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