Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recaps might just be my favorite.

What a weekend!! Friday I was ready to crawl in a hole and just stay there until the end of the world. I had the worst day Friday. So when I finally got home, I was ready to spend the afternoon in the hammock, but I knew I had to go get dog food, so out we went. Turns out that getting out of the house was a great choice. I felt better afterwards. We ended up at Chick-fil-A for dinner and A got off work just as we came in, so she ate with us, then ended up staying the night as well.

This sweet puppy decided that it was time for her to take over our bed Friday while I was at home. Stinker jumped right up there are laid down on the pillows. 

She then decided that she needed her toy, and picked her Halloween frog. Destroyed that thing in all of about 2 minutes. i swear I will be finding pieces of that frog for days now! 

Saturday was wedding day for a sweet friend of C and I. They got married at the Chattanooga Zoo. It was a beautiful wedding!

While we were waiting on the wedding to start, we got to walk around the zoo. There were peacocks EVERYWHERE! And we saw a reindeer! Apparently Santa sends Prancer to the Chattanooga Zoo in his off season. 

Can I just say that I want a kangaroo now? This is actually a Wallaby, but I still want one! They are super cute and playful and I have to have one! Though I am pretty sure that a stuffed animal is the route we will take when it comes to getting a Kangaroo! 

After the wedding, we did a little rock climbing, and then some hiking with A. Turns out we found a great little spot that we can swim at. A and C and Chaco did a little bit of swimming. I decided not to because it was cold and I don't like cold water. We will be going there in the summer though! It was quiet and secluded. Perfect spot for a picnic.

We learned that Chaco can swim, she just prefers not to. 

Sunday was by far my favorite day! We got up, and got ready and headed to Ellijay, GA. We go every year for pumpkins and apples. Turns out that the apple place we go to closed earlier than we thought, so we will have to go back for apples in 2 weeks! But picking pumpkins was great and it will always be on of my very favorite days out of the year! 

I love this picture a lot more than I should! You can't see it, but I am rocking some leggings and boots! Something that I never thought I would be able to do!! 

And finally! Can anyone else believe that tomorrow is in fact October?? This year has just flown by! 19 days until we leave to head down for our cruise! We will be on a weekend get away this weekend, then back to Ellijay and celebrating my birthday the following weekend (only a month or so late), and then on the 18th, we will be leaving to make the 9 hour drive to leave for the cruise! We decided to drive down Friday night to Daytona, and actually stay in Daytona all Saturday, then Sunday we will finish that last hour drive to the port and be gone for a week! I am so excited about what all is going on this month! We will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary and I couldn't be happier! 

Over the weekend, 10 people announced their pregnancies, and while I am totally happy for them, now I will have baby fever. Great. However, I can kinda curb that baby fever by spoiling my fur child even more. This has been completed for about a month now just waiting on Chaco to open around Halloween! She is one spoiled pup! 

I hope y'all had a great weekend! I am just praying that October doesn't fly by as fast!! 

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  1. You can get married at the zoo??? That is so cool! And I totally spoil my furbaby too. As long as you don't have a baby you are neglecting I don't see anything wrong with it! ;) I am following now from the Meaningful Marriage Book Study group and can't wait to read more about your life!

    1. I loved the wedding at the zoo! Totally something I would have done! And I love my fur baby! No human babies for us yet, so I spoil the crap out of my pup! Thanks for stopping by!



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