Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love List!!

I was doing so good there for a while, you know, posting regularly. And then BAM! Struggles are a part of life, and I let this one get the best of me for a week or so. But now, I am hoping to get back into posting regularly, and finally posting some of the great posts I have had planned for a while!

But Thursday might be my favorite blog post day! I have decided to call Thursday the "Love List" day. I love doing a seasonal "favorites" list, but it always seems that my "favorites" change from week to week, or even day to day, so I am going to probably just stick to the Love List posts. :)

Boots and jeans : I have big hips, so I can't wear skinny jeans because I look super weird, so I tend to stick to my boot cut/flare jeans and boots. I brought these out of the cobwebs of my spare closet. I swear I haven't worn these boots in at least 5 years! I thought they might hurt my feet, but no, they are just as comfy as the last time I wore them! 

My MK watch : I got a rose gold one for Christmas last year, and I don't wear it often because it is my favorite and I don't want to mess it up, so I wear this one on a day to day basis. I stopped wearing it for about a month, but I pulled it back out this week and I remember why I fell in love with it! 

ENO Hammock : Did you guys see our funny faces? Hammocking is a must in the fall in the Long house, and this year is no different. I am so in love with these hammocks! I can't get enough of them!! The DoubleNest is big enough to share if you want, or just the right size for you so you have extra "hammock blanket" to wrap around you! 

3 things. That is all I am super loving this week! Just wait until next week because I am sure that it will include some super cute Halloween stuff! That is right! I will be decorating for Halloween on October 1st! Looks like I will be looking at Pinterest until 3 am for the perfect Halloween wreath to recreate!!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Thursday?? Wait, that means tomorrow is finally Friday!!!! 

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