Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Funny faces and Hammocking : A Weekend Recap

Wow! After so much going on, and being hit with major struggles, I welcomed a fun, care free, happy weekend!! And that is what I got! For this being the first weekend that C and I have had nothing to do but sit around since July, I was super excited about it!!

Saturday was spent sleeping in, and making waffles. C had to go get eggs, so while he was at the store, he decided to pick me up some flowers, but not just any flowers, Fall flowers. And he stressed that they were FALL FLOWERS! He knows me so well!!

Like I said, we made waffles, and watched the UGA game. Georgia won! It was a great game, and there for a little while I was worried North Texas might just beat UGA, but we pulled through in the 4th qtr. I did feel pretty bad for all my Vols fans. Flordia won that game, and I would have much rather seen UT win. Maybe next year. 

Did I mention that my signs from Appalachian Primitive came in?? She made the above football sign. I also had one made with a red back ground with black lettering that says "There are four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football" I love them! I am planning on ordering more from her shop!

Saturday I just happen to run across this article in a magazine. The last paragraph made me smile, so I figured I would share, especially since I wrote this post not too long ago. 

Saturday we did venture to Downtown Chatty. It looked pretty nasty though. I don't think it ever rained or stormed, but it sure looked like the bottom might just fall out at any second. Nice thing is it brought some cool weather with it, so I was a happy camper!

And Sunday! Sunday Funday! This girl is officially in full on Fall mode! That means hammocking is a must and so are cozy blankets! I'm hoping for a fire in the fire pit next weekend to go along with hammocking, and apple cider. Who knows, maybe we might make S'mores too! But Sunday was spent being lazy and finally relaxing out in the hammock while watching a movie. It was my favorite part of the weekend until we got bored and started making funny faces. Then that became my favorite part! You can probably see why below!

I sure hope y'all had a wonderful fall weekend!!! 


  1. How fun!!! I love when the mister goes and buys me flowers on his outings!! So sweet!

    1. It is always a surprise when he does something like that!

  2. I love that he got you "fall" flowers. That's just the sweetest! I can't quite agree about the Vols, though. My grandfather went there but I'm a gator through and through! haha Glad you had a great weekend! :)

    1. He knows me so well! And I guess congrats are in order for the Gator win!



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