Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boys Behind The Blog

I feel like I've been so absent with this blog again, but with struggles, and many,   many,   many different things going on, the little baby blog has taken a back seat. I hate when I do that because I really love blogging, even if there is no one who reads it.

Speaking of really loving blogging, I love when it is time for this post because it gets C active in my blog. So here we are for Boys Behind The Blog! C's answers are in bold and my added 2 cents are italicized. 

1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
Probably a panther.
Like the Pink panther?
No, like a black panther. Like in the jungle.
I like the Pink Panther better. 

2. What is your favorite meal?
Steak and potatoes.
Such a manly meal. One I hate. 

3. Do you use any forms of Social Media? What is your favorite? 
Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally Instagram. Twitter would have to be my favorite. 
I don't even think he has actually used any of his social media stuff in months.
4. Beer, wine, liquor, other, or none of the above?
Yeah, if y'all saw our dining room, and the 30+ bottles of wine, you would think we LOVE wine, which we do. Though, C does enjoy a good seasonal beer too. Can we say Octoberfest and the Pumpkin Blue Moon beer?? Yummy! 

5. Complete the sentence: "Never have I ever..."
Been able to answer a question like this.
That makes no sense...

Mal Smiles

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