Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Eve!

So tomorrow is my 24th birthday...and how am I spending that day? I am going to get my nails done, and just spend a little more quality time with my sisters. I just didn't get enough last weekend. I will also be going through the wedding rehearsal tomorrow evening! I am so excited that my oldest sister is finally getting married! And I am so blessed that they picked the say after my birthday! So today is my birthday eve! I actually forgot completely about tomorrow being my birthday until we had a staff meeting and they sung to me since I will be out of the office tomorrow. So here are a few pictures of my day so far!

We had an early staff meeting at work today. This included a birthday breakfast. My morning "birthday cake"

C is so sweet! He sent me flowers even after I told him it wasn't necessary! Sneaky little guy!

Again, everyone at work surprised me with a birthday lunch complete with a cake. Needless to say, I blew my healthy eating today! 

My dad surprised me with birthday flowers at lunch. 

I am one blessed girl! 

Do you participate in birthday eve festivities?

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