Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little Love List

Have you ever had a super amazing month full of birthday's, bridal showers, weddings, and vacations? I have. That was exactly how I spent every weekend since the first weekend of August! It has been such a fantastic past 6 weeks! It has been stress free-ish and care free. I must say that I loved it! But I knew it wouldn't last long. Every since Monday, I have been so irritated, aggravated, and angry. It seems like every little thing makes me angry now. And it has only been 3 days! Guys I am not cut out for this! I'm such a happy person that to be irritated for this long is killing me! Sure I knew I would end up getting a little irritated because I had 6 weeks of pure bliss. It was just bound to happen, but I can't stand to be irritated this long! So in saying that, how about a little Thursday Love List!

Sugarland Cellars : The wine here is amazing. Every time C and I head to Gatlinburg, we stop in and grab at least 6 bottles of their wine. I'm currently loving the Elkmont and as always the Cherry-Kee wine. 

Mandarin Moon Scentsy Bar : Oh my goodness! This smells so good and so fall-ish. I walk in my house after a long day at work, and I instantly smile, even if just for a second, because it smells so good. There is just something about the smell of fall in the air that can put a smile on my face.
Aspen Carmel Woods Sugar Scrub : I am pretty sure that this is not something you need to eat, but I am so tempted. I got a little sunburned on the cruise, so I have been using this to exfoliate my skin to keep it from peeling. But this smells so so so good! I will probably stick to using this for the season instead of switching to something different. 
Georgia Bulldogs V-Neck Jersey : Um did anyone see the UGA vs SC game?? UGA won and my sister got married all in the same day. I'd call Saturday a huge WIN! Ever since then, I have been sporting my UGA gear just a little more, especially since I work with strictly VOLS fans. Plus this jersey is super comfy!

Pumpkin Spice Latte : Over the weekend I had like 4 of these things! They are seriously like a fall festival for your mouth! I wish Starbucks was closer so that I could get one every morning. I would love it if someone would bring me one of these!

After typing all that up, I can honestly say that I feel a little better. Now if C would take me on a date that included a PSL I would feel even better. :)


  1. Agree on the last one!

    1. PSL all fall please!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i love scentsy! and that jersey is adorable! have a nice weekend, lady! xoxo



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