Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recaps might just be my favorite.

What a weekend!! Friday I was ready to crawl in a hole and just stay there until the end of the world. I had the worst day Friday. So when I finally got home, I was ready to spend the afternoon in the hammock, but I knew I had to go get dog food, so out we went. Turns out that getting out of the house was a great choice. I felt better afterwards. We ended up at Chick-fil-A for dinner and A got off work just as we came in, so she ate with us, then ended up staying the night as well.

This sweet puppy decided that it was time for her to take over our bed Friday while I was at home. Stinker jumped right up there are laid down on the pillows. 

She then decided that she needed her toy, and picked her Halloween frog. Destroyed that thing in all of about 2 minutes. i swear I will be finding pieces of that frog for days now! 

Saturday was wedding day for a sweet friend of C and I. They got married at the Chattanooga Zoo. It was a beautiful wedding!

While we were waiting on the wedding to start, we got to walk around the zoo. There were peacocks EVERYWHERE! And we saw a reindeer! Apparently Santa sends Prancer to the Chattanooga Zoo in his off season. 

Can I just say that I want a kangaroo now? This is actually a Wallaby, but I still want one! They are super cute and playful and I have to have one! Though I am pretty sure that a stuffed animal is the route we will take when it comes to getting a Kangaroo! 

After the wedding, we did a little rock climbing, and then some hiking with A. Turns out we found a great little spot that we can swim at. A and C and Chaco did a little bit of swimming. I decided not to because it was cold and I don't like cold water. We will be going there in the summer though! It was quiet and secluded. Perfect spot for a picnic.

We learned that Chaco can swim, she just prefers not to. 

Sunday was by far my favorite day! We got up, and got ready and headed to Ellijay, GA. We go every year for pumpkins and apples. Turns out that the apple place we go to closed earlier than we thought, so we will have to go back for apples in 2 weeks! But picking pumpkins was great and it will always be on of my very favorite days out of the year! 

I love this picture a lot more than I should! You can't see it, but I am rocking some leggings and boots! Something that I never thought I would be able to do!! 

And finally! Can anyone else believe that tomorrow is in fact October?? This year has just flown by! 19 days until we leave to head down for our cruise! We will be on a weekend get away this weekend, then back to Ellijay and celebrating my birthday the following weekend (only a month or so late), and then on the 18th, we will be leaving to make the 9 hour drive to leave for the cruise! We decided to drive down Friday night to Daytona, and actually stay in Daytona all Saturday, then Sunday we will finish that last hour drive to the port and be gone for a week! I am so excited about what all is going on this month! We will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary and I couldn't be happier! 

Over the weekend, 10 people announced their pregnancies, and while I am totally happy for them, now I will have baby fever. Great. However, I can kinda curb that baby fever by spoiling my fur child even more. This has been completed for about a month now just waiting on Chaco to open around Halloween! She is one spoiled pup! 

I hope y'all had a great weekend! I am just praying that October doesn't fly by as fast!! 

Sami's Shenanigans

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love List!!

I was doing so good there for a while, you know, posting regularly. And then BAM! Struggles are a part of life, and I let this one get the best of me for a week or so. But now, I am hoping to get back into posting regularly, and finally posting some of the great posts I have had planned for a while!

But Thursday might be my favorite blog post day! I have decided to call Thursday the "Love List" day. I love doing a seasonal "favorites" list, but it always seems that my "favorites" change from week to week, or even day to day, so I am going to probably just stick to the Love List posts. :)

Boots and jeans : I have big hips, so I can't wear skinny jeans because I look super weird, so I tend to stick to my boot cut/flare jeans and boots. I brought these out of the cobwebs of my spare closet. I swear I haven't worn these boots in at least 5 years! I thought they might hurt my feet, but no, they are just as comfy as the last time I wore them! 

My MK watch : I got a rose gold one for Christmas last year, and I don't wear it often because it is my favorite and I don't want to mess it up, so I wear this one on a day to day basis. I stopped wearing it for about a month, but I pulled it back out this week and I remember why I fell in love with it! 

ENO Hammock : Did you guys see our funny faces? Hammocking is a must in the fall in the Long house, and this year is no different. I am so in love with these hammocks! I can't get enough of them!! The DoubleNest is big enough to share if you want, or just the right size for you so you have extra "hammock blanket" to wrap around you! 

3 things. That is all I am super loving this week! Just wait until next week because I am sure that it will include some super cute Halloween stuff! That is right! I will be decorating for Halloween on October 1st! Looks like I will be looking at Pinterest until 3 am for the perfect Halloween wreath to recreate!!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Thursday?? Wait, that means tomorrow is finally Friday!!!! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Funny faces and Hammocking : A Weekend Recap

Wow! After so much going on, and being hit with major struggles, I welcomed a fun, care free, happy weekend!! And that is what I got! For this being the first weekend that C and I have had nothing to do but sit around since July, I was super excited about it!!

Saturday was spent sleeping in, and making waffles. C had to go get eggs, so while he was at the store, he decided to pick me up some flowers, but not just any flowers, Fall flowers. And he stressed that they were FALL FLOWERS! He knows me so well!!

Like I said, we made waffles, and watched the UGA game. Georgia won! It was a great game, and there for a little while I was worried North Texas might just beat UGA, but we pulled through in the 4th qtr. I did feel pretty bad for all my Vols fans. Flordia won that game, and I would have much rather seen UT win. Maybe next year. 

Did I mention that my signs from Appalachian Primitive came in?? She made the above football sign. I also had one made with a red back ground with black lettering that says "There are four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football" I love them! I am planning on ordering more from her shop!

Saturday I just happen to run across this article in a magazine. The last paragraph made me smile, so I figured I would share, especially since I wrote this post not too long ago. 

Saturday we did venture to Downtown Chatty. It looked pretty nasty though. I don't think it ever rained or stormed, but it sure looked like the bottom might just fall out at any second. Nice thing is it brought some cool weather with it, so I was a happy camper!

And Sunday! Sunday Funday! This girl is officially in full on Fall mode! That means hammocking is a must and so are cozy blankets! I'm hoping for a fire in the fire pit next weekend to go along with hammocking, and apple cider. Who knows, maybe we might make S'mores too! But Sunday was spent being lazy and finally relaxing out in the hammock while watching a movie. It was my favorite part of the weekend until we got bored and started making funny faces. Then that became my favorite part! You can probably see why below!

I sure hope y'all had a wonderful fall weekend!!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boys Behind The Blog

I feel like I've been so absent with this blog again, but with struggles, and many,   many,   many different things going on, the little baby blog has taken a back seat. I hate when I do that because I really love blogging, even if there is no one who reads it.

Speaking of really loving blogging, I love when it is time for this post because it gets C active in my blog. So here we are for Boys Behind The Blog! C's answers are in bold and my added 2 cents are italicized. 

1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
Probably a panther.
Like the Pink panther?
No, like a black panther. Like in the jungle.
I like the Pink Panther better. 

2. What is your favorite meal?
Steak and potatoes.
Such a manly meal. One I hate. 

3. Do you use any forms of Social Media? What is your favorite? 
Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally Instagram. Twitter would have to be my favorite. 
I don't even think he has actually used any of his social media stuff in months.
4. Beer, wine, liquor, other, or none of the above?
Yeah, if y'all saw our dining room, and the 30+ bottles of wine, you would think we LOVE wine, which we do. Though, C does enjoy a good seasonal beer too. Can we say Octoberfest and the Pumpkin Blue Moon beer?? Yummy! 

5. Complete the sentence: "Never have I ever..."
Been able to answer a question like this.
That makes no sense...

Mal Smiles

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Struggles

Have you ever gone through something that just rocked your world entirely, and I am not talking about rocking your world in a good way? Have you ever had to deal with something that struck you to the core? We all go through hard times, it is just a fact of life.

I've been praying really hard for the past few months that God will give me strength to make it through the crap I have to deal with on a regular basis, you know the normal stuff like a crappy day at work, in laws, a puppy who barks until the early hours of the morning, and even the after math of being on vacation and now your house is a wreck. We get overwhelmed, and it is just a part of life. So I've been praying hard that God will give me the strength to deal with these things in the best manner possible.

It only seems right that God just won't suddenly grant me this amazing amount of inner strength. No, instead God does what He knows is best for me and He gives me a struggle to over come. After all you appreciate things you earn more than things you are just given right? So God graciously has given me a serious struggle to deal with. I guess He knows just how much strength I am going to need.

I've been given the opportunity to decide how I am going to handle this struggle. I can let it out of my life without so much as a passing thought, I can fight it, or I can make it through it with the strength God is letting me earn. It is one of those times that I knew was coming, a storm that I knew I would have to face. I thought it was just going to be a thunderstorm, but nope, God has different plans. Instead, God gave me a tornado, complete with rain, strong winds, and the ever powerful tornado itself. How do you manage? How to you not give up?

I've made the decision to earn the strength I have asked for. I am taking each day at a time, and I am focusing on what is important. That is how I am getting through. I'll probably never remember how I made it through, but I do know that when I finally get through this storm, I will be a much better person, and I thank God for that. He gives me nothing more than I can handle. He has sifted everything through His hands, and I know that no matter what, He has my back and won't let me down. 

How do you handle storms in your life?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I don't blog on Saturday.

Usually I don't blog on Saturday. I try and reserve the weekend to being completely "there" with whoever I am spending time with. But today I am making an exception. Why? Because I am in the car with C and my Nana on our way to VA and Nana has C's ear and I am left out of the conversation. So I am blogging. 

So I have to ask, has anyone else seen the Miss America pageant news? What are your thoughts on Miss Kansas, the I inked military contestant? Personally I am a huge fan! But I am a girl who would love to have several large visible tattoos. I think she is making a statement, and a great one at that. She is braking the beauty queen mold and I couldn't be happier! 

Several people have some serious views on tattoos. I come from a family where they aren't the norm. I believe that my newest brother in law and I are the only ones who have them out of my siblings and parents. I was the "rebellious" one. My ears have 3 piercings in each, I have my lip pierced, and I have recently gotten my naval re-pierced. I have "Exodus 14:13" tattooed on my right forearm, I have an Old English "M" tattooed on my neck, I have a star with "faith" written inside it in the middle of my back, and I have the Chinese symbol for love on my right hip. All these tattoos except for the one on my are are almost always covered. However, I am the girl who would love to have more. Lots more. I am a fan of tattoos. They tell a story. I have meanings behind all my tattoos. I put thought into them. I believe tattoos are art and a beautiful thing. But several people do not share my opinion. 

I know some people don't agree with me and have lots of negative things to say about people who have tattoos, so if you are one of them and you feel the need to tell me how bad of a person I am, feel free, just email me. 

I've already decided on my next one.

Don't worry, the "i" will be capitalized. I felt this was too plain, so I am having C draw some more designs around it. Something like this only not sideways. 

Now I just need to decide on color. 

So after that rabbit trail, what's y'all's opinion on Miss Kansas? 

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Letter to myself at 14. [TN Bloggers Link-Up]

After a rough week so far, I am very pleased to say that I woke up in the best mood ever! I don't think I was even in this good of a mood over the past 6 weeks or so. I'm really looking forward to the evening too because it means C and I are going to look at a tattoo shop to get a little more info on some designs. More on that later. But it also means we get a date night! I am looking forward to that more than any of you know! Any who. On to the real topic for today. A letter to myself at 14!

Dear Cait,

First off, stop blaming yourself for your parents divorce. It wasn't your fault, and I promise one day you will understand that. For now, just stop beating yourself up over it. You are 14, stop acting like you have to be grown up rightthissecond. I've got 10 years on you and I'd like to give you a little bit of advice. So sit down and listen.

You are just a freshman in high school. You will make a ton of friends over the next few years and I can tell you now, pick wisely. When I was your age, I didn't and I paid for it later. You will find one girl who will stick by your side. You may fight and not speak for a year or so, but she will be your best friend and will always be there for you! You will know who I am talking about when she comes around.

Do me a favor, When J comes along(trust me you will know who I am talking about) , be prepared to go through the hardest thing you will ever go through. 10 years later, it is still the hardest thing we have been through. You will meet him in about a year, and while that relationship will suck, but I promise it will make you stronger than you ever could imagine being. And I promise you this, you will NOT marry him. At times you may think you will because you will have been together for so long, but you won't. In fact you will meet your future husband while you are in your relationship with J. Your future husband is not W, T, or N. Those guys are nice and they are some of the best guy friends a girl could have at that time, but there is a guy even better for you. And he will be a friend through out all the problems you have with J. You won't think that you will marry your future husband, and you will go your separate ways, but God will bring you two back together eventually.

Band may be for geeks, but you will eventually be a part of it. Colorguard will consume your life and that is where you will meet your future husband, and several other seasonal friends. You will find something you are good at. Stick with it! You will go to a drum corps try out and you will make it. Don't ignore the email telling you this. Respond and go for the summer! I didn't and I wish I would have. Nothing good happens that summer anyway.

I know you miss Chattanooga. Don't worry, you will end up back home! Enjoy high school. It is supposed to be fun. Pay more attention in Spanish class. I sure wish I would have. Don't drink chocolate milk and eat Cheetos every day either. Memorize the sweet tea recipe from Foods class just like you did the icing recipe. Don't fight with your mom so much. She will always be there for you and you are too hard on her sometimes. Same goes for your sisters. When you go to SuperWow, hold on to that God high a little longer. Keep faith through out all the tough times and know God is with you. Pray more, and spend more time with God. You will thank me later.

One last thing. Your senior prom, if you can muster up the courage, ask C to go with you. I know you two will have already split up, but he never went to prom, and you will always want to recreate prom for him.

Stay strong, keep faith, and remember to breathe. 10 years goes by fast.

The 24 year old version of you,

 photo AboutMe3_zpscb966eb2.jpg

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little Love List

Have you ever had a super amazing month full of birthday's, bridal showers, weddings, and vacations? I have. That was exactly how I spent every weekend since the first weekend of August! It has been such a fantastic past 6 weeks! It has been stress free-ish and care free. I must say that I loved it! But I knew it wouldn't last long. Every since Monday, I have been so irritated, aggravated, and angry. It seems like every little thing makes me angry now. And it has only been 3 days! Guys I am not cut out for this! I'm such a happy person that to be irritated for this long is killing me! Sure I knew I would end up getting a little irritated because I had 6 weeks of pure bliss. It was just bound to happen, but I can't stand to be irritated this long! So in saying that, how about a little Thursday Love List!

Sugarland Cellars : The wine here is amazing. Every time C and I head to Gatlinburg, we stop in and grab at least 6 bottles of their wine. I'm currently loving the Elkmont and as always the Cherry-Kee wine. 

Mandarin Moon Scentsy Bar : Oh my goodness! This smells so good and so fall-ish. I walk in my house after a long day at work, and I instantly smile, even if just for a second, because it smells so good. There is just something about the smell of fall in the air that can put a smile on my face.
Aspen Carmel Woods Sugar Scrub : I am pretty sure that this is not something you need to eat, but I am so tempted. I got a little sunburned on the cruise, so I have been using this to exfoliate my skin to keep it from peeling. But this smells so so so good! I will probably stick to using this for the season instead of switching to something different. 
Georgia Bulldogs V-Neck Jersey : Um did anyone see the UGA vs SC game?? UGA won and my sister got married all in the same day. I'd call Saturday a huge WIN! Ever since then, I have been sporting my UGA gear just a little more, especially since I work with strictly VOLS fans. Plus this jersey is super comfy!

Pumpkin Spice Latte : Over the weekend I had like 4 of these things! They are seriously like a fall festival for your mouth! I wish Starbucks was closer so that I could get one every morning. I would love it if someone would bring me one of these!

After typing all that up, I can honestly say that I feel a little better. Now if C would take me on a date that included a PSL I would feel even better. :)

August Cara Box Reveal

I am super slacking for the August swap. I am slacking so much that Kaitlyn over @ Wifessionals had to send me an email. In my defense, I had a 4 day work week, a cruise, a 3 day work week and then a wedding that I was a part of that took up every second I had basically since I got my box. So better late than never right?

I was paired up with Katie over @ Sappy & Happy. She is super sweet, and getting married on New Year's Eve!! How exciting! She has an adorable pup named Doc, and like me love paper straws. You can see what all I sent her here.

I got a great box from Jenny over @ My Nanny Diaries. She is a 20 something living it up in ATL. A girl after my own heart. She is super adorable and such a yummy baker/chef. To see what she got, go here.

Jenny sent me a box stuffed full of fun things!! As soon as I opened the box, I smelled that yummy candle!! And it took all of 5 seconds for C to open the hot chocolate and make me a mug in my new hot chocolate mug she sent. The gum went straight to my purse after this. And I have to ask, am I the only one who had not seen these before this!! They are tiny and so cute! The pumpkin went in my kitchen to add to my decor and the scarf is just waiting to be worn!

Jenny did such an amazing job!!

I am so in love with the Cara Box swap and I can't wait to see what the next round has in store since it will now be done every 3 months instead of every month!

Learn more about the Cara Box here.

Cara Box

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Liebster Nomination

So I got an email yesterday morning from Sarah over @ To Be Mrs. Collier nominating me for a Liebster Award. I'm a huge fan of bloggers supporting other bloggers, so I have decided to pass this along as well. 

The rules are simple:
  1. Link back to those who nominate you
  2. Answer the 10 questions the nominator has for you
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees
  5. Be sure to notify your nominees

1. What is your order at Starbucks?
Currently is is a PSL! I mean come on! Who doesn't love pumpkin and coffee mixed together! I had 4 over the weekend and I am dying for another!

2. What is the best gift that you have ever received?
It is a toss up really. It is either my engagement ring that I was not expecting at all. (C wanted to propose on my birthday but couldn't wait, so he popped the question on Aug 31 instead of Sept 6.) Or my charm bracelet that he started on our first Christmas together. Looking at it now, it may seem silly, but those two things I cherish more than any other material possession.  

3. When you brush your teeth, where do you start in your mouth?
Left side in the back.

4. Where is your favorite place to eat in your city?

Oh that is a good question. Chattanooga has some great things to offer, so when we go downtown, we usually end up at Hair of the Dog or Tony's

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

The one thing I want to be more than anything is a mom, but as far as jobs outside the house, I would love to own a 24 hour gym/health club & spa that has a ladies only work out area.

6. What is your favorite part of your day?

Getting home from work and getting to see my wonderful husband and puppy for basically the first time that day. 

7. What is the first thing that you do when you get home from work?

Kick off my shoes. I love shoes, but I hate wearing them at home. 

8. Do you have any road trip rituals?

Usually it is a Sing Off (in which case I always win) or we, and by we I mean me, watch Pitch Perfect. Though starting November 30, that movie will change to Christmas Vacation.

9. What is something you always wanted to learn but never got around to it?

A different language. I still have plenty of time, and in fact, the Rosetta stone for Italian is on my Christmas list.

10. What type of chapstick or lipgloss do you wear?

EOS is basically all I wear. 

I nominate : 

Caitlin @ Voguish At Best
Katie @ Sappy & Happy
Tiffany @ Delecta Daddy
Bri @ Faithful Footprints
Megan @ Hello Newlywed Life

Your Questions : 

1. What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
2. If I was going to visit your city, where would you suggest I go?
3. Do you watch college football? If so, who is your team?
4. What is your favorite thing about fall?
5. What is one thing on your Christmas wishlist?
6. What is one tradition you and your significant other have started?
7. Who inspires you?
8. What is your favorite blog post you have written?
9. Where is your dream vacation?
10. How would you spend a million dollars?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans and a Birthday & Wedding Recap!

So I have been so so busy ever since I got back from the weekend girls cruise for my sister's bachelorette weekend. I've given a small birthday eve recap, so now it is on to my actual birthday recap. :) In other words, be prepared for a lot of pictures!!!

Thursday, I had a small celebration at work, and then I headed down to GA so I could be with my sisters on Friday. We spent the morning taking my mom to the doctor, and picking up donuts. This girl loves her donuts! I don't allow myself to eat the often, but every once in a while, I indulge.  

Then we finished up some last minute wedding things including making all the favors. Then it was off to get mani/pedis. Side note : If my typing/spelling sucks, it is because I have acrylic nails, and I keep hitting the wrong keys. 

After nails were done, and food was picked up, it was time for the rehearsal dinner! 

Of course the night ended with everyone singing Happy Birthday to me. What a great way to make me the center of attention and cause me to break out in a cold sweat. I hate being the center of attention!

Saturday morning was full of bobby pins, hair spray, and Starbucks!

Once hair was done, it was time to head to the church to get ready! I am pretty sure this is one of my favorite pictures of N getting ready! 

Then dresses were put on and it was picture time!

Finally at 4:30 we were lined up and the wedding started! It was a beautiful wedding and I cried several times. I am so happy that I was able to share in this special day with my sister. Seeing M see her for the first time in her dress was such an amazing experience. N & M are truly made for each other!!

The wedding ended, more pictures were taken, and then we were off to the Tellus for the reception!

The reception was full of great food and a little dancing! Finally towards the end though, it was time to send off the floating lanterns!!

C and my lantern. 

Once the lanterns were sent off, it was time to vandalize the car!

I think they used 4 rolls of toilet paper on the car! N & M said their good byes and off they went! 

My mom, C and I met them at the ATL airport to see them off and to bring their car home. It was so nice to see the newlyweds! 

It was sad to see them off because that means I won't see them for a week, but it was nice to be a part of that. 

And finally, my sister did an amazing job on her gifts. My mom, younger sister and I got bracelets with our initials, or the word "Mom" and the wedding date on it. 

All in all it was a fantastic weekend!! I am so happy that N & M are married!!!

Sami's Shenanigans


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