Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tips for new Moms...of Pups! [52 Weeks]

I know that this is NOT what Becky had in mind when this topic came up, but since I am not pregnant, nor do I have kids, this is what I have come up with. I present you with : 

Tips for new Moms...of Pups! 

Now, those of you who are visiting from Becky's blog, I'm pretty sure you are leaving right about now. Sorry about that. I didn't know what else to write...

* Invest in obedience classes as soon as possible - Our pup is a year old, and we have yet to do this, and boy it is the biggest mistake we have made with her. She knows how to sit like a champ, but that is as far as it goes. Invest early so you don't run into any problems later on.

*Squeaky dog toys will drive you insane. - We gave Chaco some toys with squeakers at first, but they quickly got on our nerves, so I may or may not have "lost" a few. Invest in quieter toys if you think obsessive squeaking will get on your nerves.

*Speaking of toys, an old flip flop (or other shoe), sock, and tennis ball work wonders for toys. - I don't know how much we have spent on toys when the only thing Chaco wants to play with is one of the above items. And it isn't just her. Almost all the dogs I know prefer one of those 3 things to their other toys. Try those out before you spend tons on toys. 

*Be prepared for destruction. - It can be toys that cause little bits of slobbery plastic to be all over your house, or tons of random white fluff, to the couch, to a paper towel, to even your favorite pair of shoes. Be prepared! 

*Invest in a garbage can with a lid in your kitchen. If you garbage can is not in a closet or under the sink, invest in one with a lid. We don't want a scene from Christmas Vacation to happen in your kitchen now do we?

*Make it a point to take your pup for a walk every day. - If you have an inside or outside dog, it doesn't matter. Make a point to walk your precious pup once a day. They are locked up in a fence/kennel/room/house all day and they need their exercise. Plus is it good bonding. Walk around the neighborhood or go for a hike. It is good for the both of you! 

*Find a dog park close by. - If you have one, visit it often. Dogs need friends just like humans do. Let your dog interact with other pups and make friends. Who knows, they might even beg you to set up a puppy play date for them with a fellow dog parent and their pup! 

And now I leave you with pictures of my precious pup Chaco! 


  1. Hi! Glad I found your blog!! Love this post! I don't have children either, but I do have my fur baby Maggie! She is the best!!! I totally agree with this post. She is a much better dog when we go on afternoon walks!! Chaco is such a cute pup!!! My Maggie will be 6 months in April and we just started obedience classes. They are great!! Look forward to more posts! Feel free to check out my blog at



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