Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playing Catch Up! - A Weekend Recap on Thursday

I will be playing catch up I am sure for the next several months. With all the plans that we have, I am surprised I have found the time for anything!!! Good thing about being busy is that you don't have time to go to the grocery store which forces you to go out to eat and when you dress up nice, you can call it a date! So C and I have been on several dates since August started! On yo my weekend Recap...In pictures!!

I sent a few things off to Heavenly Hands Creations to be embroidered! She sent me these pictures and I must say I am in love! If you need anything embroidered, please let me know so I can get you in contact with her! She is fantastic! 

I also went shopping for some new jamas for everyone for our girls weekend cruise that I am leaving for tonight. These are the ones I got for my oldest sister, and I think she will love them! Head to Old Navy to pick you up a cute new pair of jamas! 

Saturday I got to celebrate Jess' 30th birthday, even though she is not 30 until this weekend! We had a blast and I am so glad I got to share her birthday with her! 

I also tried Octoberfest finally. I hate beer, but I am for anything festive, and so I just had to try it. Guys! It is amazing. Like a fall festival in your mouth! Okay, maybe not quite, but it was rather tasty. 

Jess' cupcakes didn't turn out amazing, but at least they had sprinkles! 

Sunday, Jess, her friend LeeAnn, and I headed out for a little girls time. We went to Red Lobster, and well, they took pictures of their food, so I decided I would too. 

Any guys! They made me try fried broccoli. It was gross. It tasted like grass and dirt. I hate broccoli anyway, and fried just made it worse. 

Next we made a not so quick stop at Bath and Body Works, then it was off to Alley Cat Tattoo for Jess to get her first tattoo! She also ended up getting her nose pierced, and LeeAnn got snakebites! Did I walk out with anything? Well, I did, but I ended up feeling like a 16 year old girl who got way too excited, so I will share that story another time maybe. 

This tattoo is so perfect for her!! 

And finally, a little bit of fall love! I picked this little guy up at B&BW. I love it! 

Hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope you all have a fun ans safe Labor Day Weekend!

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