Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Funday!

Monday Funday...said no one ever. I can't believe it is Monday already! I basically wished this weekend would go by at a snail pace, but no, it flew by! 

Friday we just hung out, relaxed, ate burgers and watched a whole lot of NCIS.

Saturday was much more eventful! C got up early-ish to go run with some friends, giving me what I thought was just about 45 minutes to speed clean the house and get it "decorated" for his birthday! 
I cleaned the living room and kitchen. I got his birthday breakfast set up, and filled the kitchen with balloons. I also added streamers and balloons to the fireplace. When I figured out I had some extra time, I tied balloons to the door and railing outside. 

After I tied the balloons outside, I still had some extra time, so I taped streamers going in to the kitchen. Oddly enough, C went along with it. Silly guy. 

Then, we headed out to Academy to buy a few more birthday presents. Considering it was tax free weekend, it wasn't that bad. After the little shopping we did, we headed out to the lake to just relax and enjoy our day. And in true C fashion, everything except the life jacket was UGA colors. :) It is UGA season after all.  

We had plans on grilling out Saturday evening, but plans changed, and instead we went to the Bald Headed Bistro in Cleveland, TN with my dad and step mom. It was amazing. The food was excellent! If you get a chance to go, GO!! And order the wedge salad. It was awesome!
On our way back home, we drove over by the VW and Amazon warehouses since C and I had never been out by there. The sky was just breath taking! 

Finally, we made it back home and that included a chocolate cake from Federal Bakery and needless to say, I am craving another piece! C and I matched for dinner though. I tried to get him to take a picture earlier in the evening, but C hates taking pictures, so I finally twisted his arm and said he couldn't go to bed until he took a picture.  

Sunday was spent laying around the house eating junk food because we had nothing else at home and neither of us felt like going out. C had gotten poison ivy a few nights ago and it had basically spread everywhere. I was lucky though since I hadn't caught it as of Sunday. I felt so bad for C.

This morning C woke up and had poison ivy around his eye, so he went to the doctor to get a shot to get rid of it, and I woke up with it on my arm. UGH!! I'm highly allergic to that stuff which is why it was so amazing I didn't get it the first day, but now I have it, but only on my wrist. So I wrapped that spot up in hopes that it doesn't spread. 

All in all the Birthday Weekend was pretty good. I'm hoping next year we can go without the poison ivy though. 

How was your weekend??

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. LOVE the donut tower thing you made! You are so sweet to decorate and clean while he ran around!

    Jet skiing is on my bucket list! I can't wait to go one day.

    Glad you guys had a nice weekend. Hope you both feel better of your poison soon though :(

    1. Jet skis are so much fun!! We love them!! They are a great thing to have on your bucket list!!
      I will find any excuse to eat donuts!! I'm actually hoping that donuts make me feel better tonight. :)

      Thanks so much for your sweet comments and thanks for stopping by!!



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