Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Cara Box Reveal

First off, thanks to Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals for having this Cara Box match up!! It has been such an amazing experience getting to know 2 very awesome ladies!! This month's theme was Sail Away (nautical).

First up is Tiffany. She is an Iowa girl, and a teacher! Her and her hubby are simply adorable!! Side note, they just celebrated their first anniversary in June. Oh how I love newlyweds!! I loved getting to know Tiffany. I am also buying her book so I can read it while I am lying on a beach in the Bahamas in October! I suggest you go buy it too!! 50 Dates in 50 States I was delayed on getting her box to her. Actually I sent it on time, but apparently I was asleep when I addressed it because I got the 2 addresses she sent me all kinds of mixed up, so her box has been delayed and I feel so bad about that. that will teach me never to sleep write again. You can head on over to her blog to watch to see what I sent her.

Next was Erin.It was so great to get paired up with another Tennessee girl! She has a beautiful family!! Her daughter was born back in May and she is adorable!!!! She had made her home look incredible with all her craftiness and thriftiness. I would hire her to come redecorate my house if I could!! Below is the box she sent me.

Please excuse the crappy picture. I tore into that box in a matter of seconds because I got it right before C and I were walking out the door to go rock climbing, and I was not going to let that sit at home unopened all night. Erin did a fantastic job!! Between chevron cupcake liners, stripped straws, blue nail polish, and flip flops, this girl did great!! you can't really read it but the little chalkboard says "Ahoy". I've got it set up in my office to remind me of my cruise that is coming up in just 87 days!! Speaking of cruise, Erin decided to send me some stuff for it. Nivea Lip Balm and face wipes were actually on my shopping list for the cruise, and thanks to her, I can now mark those off! The cute mason like tumbler has been my favorite so far I think. Ans she added bags of tea inside it, so I have made some sweet tea already! Southern girls gotta have their sweet tea. :) The goldfish and Swedish fish were also a win and the cute little cards she sent with it are actually going in with my cruise stuff so I can send little letters from the Bahamas back home, but no promises because I am not sure I will be able to find a post office...

I am really looking forward to next month's box match up. Wanna participate? Sign up here.

Thanks again to Kaitlyn, Tiffany, and Erin!! 


  1. Looks like you got a pretty great box!


    1. Erin did an awesome job!! I was "way too excited about a stupid box" as my husband so kindly put it. The idea behind the Cara box is genius!!



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