Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Said I Would Never [52 Weeks]

With this part of the series being about motherhood, I am having to improvise. Wish me luck?

Things I said I would never do as a mom...

Well, you are going to get the things I said I would never as a mother when I was a child.

* I'll never make my kids go to bed before midnight. (I am pretty sure I was throwing a tantrum because I wanted to stay up late)

*I'll never make fun of my kids for not cleaning their room. (I know what happened here, my mom told me she was going to take a picture of my messy room to show my future boy friends, and I took that as her making fun of me not cleaning me room...)

*I'll never tell my kids that I won't buy them the toy they want. (Again, I was pretty mad that I wasn't getting the newest toy.)

*I'll never call my kid "4 eyes" if they wear glasses. (I have glasses, and my sisters made fun of me. My mom never called me any names or made fun of me. I think this one is a keeper.)

*I'll never make my kids go to school if they don't want to. (Yeah right! What was I thinking!! I am going to have to say that I probably didn't do my homework and I didn't want to get in trouble.)

*I'll never say no to junk food for dinner when my kids ask for it. (Ha! Oh Lord. I can see why my parents had so much trouble with me!)

* I'll never tell my kids I hate them. (No, my mom or dad never said they hated me, but I was thinking one day how hurtful that would be, and I vowed never to do that to my kids no matter what.)

So there you have it! I'm pretty sure that I was a handful as a kid! I feel bad for my mom and dad now...

Mom, I am sorry you had to put up with me! I really hope I am nothing like I was when I was a kid.

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