Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gray & Yellow Chevron Bridal Shower Recap

**Due to the populatirty of this post via Pinterest and Google, I have included sources for items that I purchased at the bottom of the post.**
So, I promised a recap of my sisters bridal shower that we threw her in mid August, and I am finally getting around to it. Be prepared for a bunch of pictures! 

First off, the color scheme had to be decided. We were going to use wedding colors, but since my sister had wanted yellow and gray at one time, I figured we could have a shower in those colors instead. With the yellow and gray being so hot right now, it was easy to find things. Then we decided to pull some chevron stripes into the scheme, and I am happy with the way it turned out! 

Gift table

I fixed these wine bottles up, and I must say I love them! I am making some for our kitchen! 

Table settings. The table runner my mom made. I stole one, or all of them...

I loved how we set the tables. 

Of course we had mason jars and paper straws!

Homemade Lemon sugar scrub, and treat bags filled with candy the couple loves. 

Date night jar! I am dying to do one of these for C and I! 

The recipe box was a great idea. I may or may not have stolen a few recipes.

I had such a good time making this wreath! Though I did get a little frustrated with the letter. I am glad I had enough creativity to make this. 

My mom did the {P} for the frame. 

The Bride and I!

The Bride and Groom

My younger sister made this! I loved it so much I am having her make me and C one! 

My mom and I.

And finally, my sisters, mom and I! 

It was a lot of DIY, but it turned out amazing! I am so glad I got to do this for my sister! She deserved it! If anyone is interested in how we made anything, just let me know.

Straws, treat bags, and cupcake liners
Plates, napkins, forks, stickers (on top of jars)
White standing frames
*The "Date Night" jar was a jar that was purchased at Walmart and had vinyl that was cut out with a Cricut added to it. Same for the Recipe Box, and "P" in the picture frame.
*My little sister painted the date canvas.
*I made the wreath with all items purchased from Hobby Lobby.
*The "Lemon Sugar Scrub" was extra virgin olive oil, sugar, and lemon juice. We mixed just a little olive oil, in with a good amount of sugar and lemon juice. We added the oilve oil and sugar first. There was not much oilive oil added at all, and we added enough lemon juice to make it smell like lemon. The next time I make this, I plan on using coconut oil and the zest from a lemon as well.


  1. This shower looks like a Pinterest dream come true! I love what you did with the wine bottles and I especially love paper straws in mason jars as glasses! So creative!!

    1. I sure did love planning it! Mason jars and paper straws are always needed!

  2. I love that!! Not just for a bridal shower but even for outdoor cookout theme!! Great DIY

    1. Baby shower, cook out, or just a get together! The color and theme is so universal! Thanks!



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