Friday, August 16, 2013

FiveOnFriday, TN Bloggers Link Up, and some seriously exciting news!

So I have been super slacking lately. Being busy this year is a lot harder than it was last year. It seems like every time I catch up on my sleep, I end up losing a ton of sleep the next night. Anyway, it is Finally Friday!! That makes me happier than anyone knows!! I am so ready for the weekend! I am even considering sleeping in tomorrow, though I know that probably won't happen. Anyway, time for my FiveOnFriday!!

1 My Nike TR Fit 3 Crossing Training shoes. Um hello!! I went for a run last night with my Nike Free Runs and let me just say it was like heaven taking those off and putting on my trainers. My feet loved me after that. There is just no comparing to those shoes.

2 Royal Caribbean has some pretty awesome customer service. I have called like 15 times in the past few days to make changes to our anniversary cruise, and they have been super helpful and friendly!!

3 Krispy Kreme Donuts. So the lady here at work has a daughter who was selling donuts for her cheer leading thing. So I bought some. Please let me warn you now that they are addictive and I had 2 within a few minutes. My weekend is set now!

4 Pandora radio has been keeping me going all week. I have been so stressed and well behind all week and the only thing keeping me from going insane is music.

5 My husband has been super flirty all week. Who knows why, and right now, who cares! Me! I care! We have been married for almost 3 years (just 68 short days left), and at times, it feels like you are living with a room mate and not a spouse. It happens. We get comfortable, and so that makes the moments where we flirt, and date again that much more special. He has been amazing this week! He even cleaned the kitchen!

And now for some seriously good news! Chattanooga is feeling more and more like fall every day and while I am a full believer that August = Autumn, I get the chance to lay in the summer sun one last time! As some of you know, my oldest sister is getting married the day after my birthday. I get to spend my birthday (September 6th) getting pampered, and rehearsing the wedding. So my younger sister and I had planned on taking her somewhere to celebrate over the Labor day weekend. After looking and planning and all that jazz, we have decided where we are going!! Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it...

A CRUISE!!!!! 

Turns out that it is so much cheaper than anything else. And this way we can force my mom to go too!! So we will be setting sail at the end of the month to celebrate the Bachelorette in style! I am of course still going on a cruise in October for my anniversary, but this is all about my sister! I am loving the fact that it is going to be just us girls and we are going to get to share this experience together!  

Have you ever been on a cruise?
What is your favorite part about a cruise?

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