Friday, August 23, 2013

FiveOnFriday & A Giveaway!!

It is Friday!!! I'm super excited because I have a birthday party to throw this weekend! I've been looking forward to this weekend since I set the date for the party!! I just hope Jessica loves it as much as I have loved planning it! Any way, on to FiveOnFriday!!

1. Pet Smart : I have been here 3 times this week. No lie. At first we went to kill time, which ended with me finding a Halloween outfit for Chaco...Yeah, I am that dog mom...Spoiler Alert!!!! : She is going to be a black cat. Then I had to pick up a treat for my Cara Box partner's pup, and then again last night to look for a dog backpack for when we go hiking. And I will be there again to finish up her Halloween treat shopping. So far she has 3 new toys, a new collar, and I will be adding some Halloween themed treats to it as well! Is it obvious that my dog is my child?

2. Hobby Lobby - I was there Monday to finish up last minute things for my Cara Box partner's box, then again last night to buy some yarn so I could make this. Since it is Georgia Bulldogs season, I picked up red, white and a metallic black! I can't wait to make this and hang it up!!

3. Dressing professional. - Sorry, there is no picture of this. but I made a decision to only wear jeans once a week at work. Since we have a casual dress code, I have basically worn jeans and a t-shirt with our logo embroidered on it every day for the past 5 months with the exception of a few days. So I have officially worn jeans only once so far, and I have been in professional clothes all of the other days! Here is to hoping that I can last one more day in heels!

4. Our Garage Gym - C and I worked out last night. 2 of us working out in the garage is a little tricky, but we figured it out. After a lot of testing, I have officially decided I love our bumper plates from Rogue Fitness.

5. My mom and sisters : In exactly one week the 4 of us will be boarding a cruise ship to whisk us away to the Bahamas while we celebrate my oldest sister getting married...which is in 2 weeks(and a day)!!!!!! You guys I am so excited! I am actually packed and ready to go except my phone/charger, and may hair dryer and straightener. I'm ready for Thursday to get here so we can leave!!! Though I will miss my husband terribly!


From Hallie @ Life Oceanside

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