Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Curing #NOtivation : That time Cait got her grove back.

*Usually I post this on my fitness blog, but having 2 blogs is getting to be too much for me, so I am now posting all my fitness stuff here again. Fun right.* 

So, I've got a little story for you. Why don't you go grab a cup of coffee and a yummy blueberry muffin. I'll wait.

Got it? Okay. SO let me tell you about that time that Cait got her grove back. You see, she had bought personal training sessions in February, and had been going to the 3 times a week for 5 months. When the last session came, she made the decision not to buy anymore at that time. As you can imagine it was getting pretty expensive, and with a cruise coming up and other things to pay, Cait decided to put her money in a different place. After all, she had been training for 5 months, and knew how to write her own workouts. So no more training. 

The following week, she took the week off from the gym because she was so busy. Then the next week, she worked out with her husband at home and got in a few killer workout. It felt good to workout again. Then the following week, she didn't workout, then the next, and the next. Life had gotten in the way. Between being sick, and poison ivy, and a super busy month, she didn't have time. That brings us up until last week. Last Thursday to be exact. You see, C and Cait had been working on their garage gym, and finally had gotten things set up to where you could workout in the garage. So Cait got this urge to workout. C was out rock climbing, and that meant that Cait had a choice. She could not workout, or she could. So she grabbed her workout gear, and got ready. She laced her her running shoes, and got the pup in her harness. And off she went. 

Because her super loving dog is overly friendly, and because she has some massive hills in her neighborhood, it took her almost 22 minutes to run right at 1.2 miles. Finally after getting back home and putting the pup up, she searched for a workout and came across a workout on the Crossfit website. Below is the workout she found

50 double unders
50 burpees
50 wall ball shots @ 20#
50 back extensions
50 push press @ 45#
50 knees to elbows
Walking lunges, 50 steps
50 kettle bell swings @ 1 pood
50 jumping pull ups
50 box jumps @ 24''

Sounds fun right? That is what Cait thought. But she knew she couldn't do everything on that list, either because she didn't have the equipment, or because she physically couldn't do it. So she modified it. Below is the workout she did. 

100 jump rope 
50 Burpees
50 Wall Ball shots 6#
50 Back Extensions
50 push press 20#
50 dips
Walking lunges 50 steps
50 dumbbell swings 10# alternating hands
50 assisted pull ups
50 box jumps 18'' 

So at it she went. She set her goal at 1 hour because she knew she would have a hard time with some of those things. And she didn't want to push herself to hard in case she got hurt. After all, there was no one else home. So she started. 100 single jump ropes was a breeze, then 50 burpees was next. the first 10 came with ease, then they slowed down and slowed down and slowed down until she was doing one at a time. It took forever to get through those burpees, but she did it. Next was wall ball shots. At about 30, her arms tired to the point where it was hard to continue, but she pushed on. The rest of the workouts were broken up into 2 sets of 25 and that helped quite a bit. When she got to the dumbbell swings, she looked at her time and set a new goal to complete the workout in 50 minutes, then at the pull ups, she set her new goal at 48 minutes, and then finally at the box jumps with 2 minutes to go, she set a new goal at 47 minutes, and push as hard as she could. Her time was 46 minutes and 59.5 seconds! She had .5 seconds to go, but she did it! That feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming for her. And that my friends is how Cait got her grove back.

Top left : Chaco | Bottom left : Pre workout
Top right : Post workout | Bottom right : Time

Mal Smiles

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