Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

With our cruise quickly approaching, I finally decided to start getting ready. Go ahead and ask. "Cait, do you really need 87 days to get ready and pack for a cruise??" The answer is simple. Yes. 

Let me explain. I am currently on a fitness journey and that means that I am losing weight and inches. I already had to get rid of everything I wore last year in the summer because it doesn't fit, and with the stuff I bought at the beginning of the summer slowly getting looser and looser, that means that in the short 87 days, it may not fit...What then?? Going naked just isn't an option. 

Other than worrying that I won't have anything to wear, I am a planner by nature. I want to have as much planned as possible so I know what is going on. So I am planning out travel plans like when we will leave the house, how long it will take us to get to the hotel, when we will leave the hotel, all that fun stuff. And sad part about all that travel planning is I know that none of it will happen. I know that we will leave the house later than we wanted, and I know that we will leave the hotel at the last minute. Everything just happens that way. 

But I am also doing what I can to pack smarter, and lighter. I remember our cruise that we went on in January and I remember a) we left our hanging bag at home and had to turn around to get it, and b) I over packed by a lot. So I am trying to make sure that I pack as smart and light as I can. So I have started the process of planning outfits for each day. Now I know that I won't wear them on their specific day, but I would rather be safe and have them at least planned out. Currently our guest room is being taken over by my cruise packing stuff. I just really don't want to forget anything. 

So I have bought myself an adorable black maxi for the first dinner, and I bought C 2 ties because I couldn't decide which I liked.  


And since it is Throwback Thursday, here are some pictures from previous cruises. :)

Our summer family cruise a year ago.

Getting ready to board the Monarch of the Seas in January

Coco Cay on our summer family cruise 2 years ago. 

I'm going to start a packing list post soon. :)

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