Monday, July 15, 2013

New Kicks and Drum Sticks - Weekend Shenanigans

So this weekend was the first weekend we have had in a long time where C and I didn't have to do anything. It was nice. Sure there was tons of stuff to actually do, but we had no requirements on what had to be done by Sunday night. So enjoy the weekend is what we did. 

Saturday consisted of sleeping in late, and doing some really random cleaning around the house. Like we half cleaned the kitchen, we cleaned the hall bath and the master bath, I did a ton of laundry and we took out the trash. Did I clean the living room? No. In fact I might have made it worse. I now have twice as many towels sitting in my chair in the living room since I finally did laundry. One of these days I will actually put the towels in their respective bathrooms. We also were a little lazy and sat around watching NCIS. 

Sunday Funday! Again with no requirements, we made breakfast, and I somehow convinced C to make me Christmas biscuits. They  were supposed to look like gingerbread, but they look more like little people. Next time, I vote we use the Christmas tree cookie cutter...

After breakfast, more random cleaning, more laundry, and more NCIS, we headed out to the mall. I am going to start running this week, so I needed to get some new running kicks. :) While we were out, C wanted to go to a music store, and sure enough, he walked out with a new set of drum sticks. C was in marching band in high school on the drum line. It has been quite a while since he has picked up a set of drumsticks. When we got home, the drum pad and sticks came out, and he spent the evening enjoying the new toy. Fine by me. Maybe this will get him off of the "I want to set off fireworks" kick he has been on. Oh there is never a dull moment with him, and I love it. 

These weren't the color I wanted originally, but when we went into Foot Locker, I fell in love and ended up walking out with them. Now I just hope my feet like running in them. 

We ended the night by going to the movies and watching The Internship. A little vulgar at times, but it was pretty darn funny if you ask me. And as a little bonus, C decided to stop and get some ice cream on the way home. He sure does know that I can't turn down a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. :)

Next weekend is a sister weekend, then the last weekend in July, we are having some friends come over for a little Christmas In July party. I told you guys I would do it! 

How was your weekend??



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