Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Massages, Manicures, and Pedicures.

It is Tuesday already??  Where did Monday go?  I can't believe this weekend went by so fast, and I can't believe that Monday was a blur.

So time for a little Weekend Recap?  I think so.  C and I spent the weekend with my dad and that side of my immediate family.  We went to Callaway Gardens.  I am not going to lie, I was not looking forward to it because I wanted to go to the beach.  But my attitude quickly changed.  I got a mani/pedi for the occasion, and even a massage.  It was so nice to simply relax and spend a little time getting pampered.  I usually don't get my nails done at all.  As the weekend went on, my step-sister and I jogged, we all spent time at the pool, then the lake where they have a giant Aqua Island Park. They have these huge inflatables out on the water, and this one was set up like an obstacle course.  It was a load of fun, and such a good workout.  And seeing as how we have some seriously good tennis players in our family, a vacation for us is not complete without spending time at the tennis courts.  

Sunday before we left we went on a Wild Animal Safari.  It was actually pretty good.  I love the zoo, but when it comes to driving through going on a "safari" I am not a fan.  Some of those animals have long sneaky tongues that will wrap around your hand if you aren't careful, and that is gross!  But somehow I managed to have a great time.  And I didn't get my hand licked by any kind of animal.  I think the zebras were my favorite. :)  I am a really bad blogger though.  I didn't take many pictures. 

I named this little guy Prancer. :) 

I am pretty sure my little sister's life is complete because she got to feed her favorite animal.

So you see that sneaky tongue! Yuck! 

This cat seriously has a harness on. I would totally take it for a walk if they would have let me. :)

Baby goats are cute. 

Except I thought this guy was going to jump over the fence and attack me for the food I had. 

See?  told ya the zebras were my favorite. 

On a plus side, Sunday marked a week for my plants.  I have successfully kept everything alive for a week!!! Girl with the brown thumb = 1 Dead plants = 0

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to the 4th!!  I've been wearing red or blue since Friday!!!  I can't wait to make a festive breakfast on Thursday!!!! 

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