Friday, July 19, 2013

If I won the Lottery...

I'm late as usual for this link up with Becky. I figure by now everyone knows I am running a few days behind. 

This week's topic is If I won the lottery, 5 things I would buy.

Well, how about this, I'd take the cash option because heaven knows I probably wouldn't get it all if I got it in payments, but that is an topic for another day.

I'd first give back. I would tithe 10% like I am called to do. From there, I would do what I could to be a good steward of the money God had blessed me with. 

Depending on how much I actually won, I would do several things. 

After tithing, I would pay off all mine and C's debt and put money in savings, I would pay off my parent's debt, and then I would put money back for each of my siblings. I wouldn't give it to them immediately, but I would give each of the the same amount, and when they turned a certain age, they could get the money. 

Next, I would probably buy the house C and I are currently living in, and then start to scope out and find a good chunk of land and purchase it. Then I would start to design my dream home and we would build. We would do most of the work ourselves too because I have always wanted to actually build a house. Sure we would contract out for a few things, but we would do a lot ourselves. 

I'd then start a savings fund for our future children. You know, to cover college and all that jazz. I would just have one account, but I would start saving for 3 kids. I am pretty sure C and I only want 2, but you never know what will happen. 

After tithing, paying off debt, giving to my siblings, buying a house and land, and starting a savings fund for my future children, I would probably invest in something, but this post is about what I would buy, so for the sake of the topic, I am going to finish off my list as things I would buy.

1. I would buy a new car for C. Or many the parts that C needs to restore the car he was trying to restore when we started dating. 
2. I would buy me a "fun" car. I travel 60-80 miles a day for work, so my Scion tC is going to always be my work car. So I would buy me a fun car that I could drive on the weekends or whenever I am not driving to work. I might go with a BMW, or maybe the new Scion FRS, who knows. I'd pay it all up front though.
3.I would buy all the stuff C and I need to finish fixing up the house that we are living in now. And probably hire someone to fix the back yard. 
4. I would buy all the stuff C and I have talked about buying - Rogue fitness equipment (for a garage gym), all our camping and rock climbing gear, new furniture for both inside and out, and stuff to start making wine.  
5. I'd hire a travel planner and plan vacations for C and I to take. You know, to London, Paris, Hawaii, and several other places. 

Would I quit my job? Well seeing as how I work for my dad, I would still work, but I would be taking more vacations. I actually love my job. I still want to own a health and fitness center one day, but for now I love my job, and I wouldn't leave. 

I wouldn't buy things right off the bat other than a house, instead I would save and invest and give back. I would take some money and have it for C and I to go back to college. Buying things isn't on top of my list of things to do if I won the lottery, but you know what they say. You have to play to win, and we don't play. 

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