Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August = Autumn Right?!?!?!?

Oh 2013, why are you in such a rush?? Because I want to go on my cruise? Oh okay, no big deal. Rush away. 

Some of you may not agree with the above statement, but I personally am 100% okay with 2013 rushing by. As long as we get to October 19 and just move at a snail pace for the next week. But today is July 30th. That means just one more day of having my 4th of July decorations up and then it is acceptable to break out my fall decorations. At least in my mind it is. :) 

I have already changed all my Scentsy wax to some yummy smelling fall scents. Apple Press has got to be a favorite of mine!! I can't wait until September when the new scents come out! Can we say Carmel Pear Crisp, Mandarin Moon, Huckleberry Sage, and Pumpkin Marshmallow!! 

Anyway, August brings on the busy season for C and I. August is planned out where we do not have a free weekend. August 3rd is C's 24th birthday which we have plans on celebrating while camping, but since C smashed up his finger pretty bad at work today, that may not happen because rock climbing and caving would be out of the question. So we may just camp in the back yard and have a cookout complete with ribs and key lime pie for his birthday. 

August 4th also brings around our furbaby's Birthday Rescue-day! Since we don't know when her actual birthday is, we are celebrating the day she rescued us as her birthday. Plans of yummy homemade doggie treats, some Frosty Paws, and a trip to the park look like they will take place to celebrate a wonderful fur filled year with that sweet little puppy. 

The rest of August is filled with wedding showers, a 30th birthday party for a dear friend, and ending with a bachelorette/sister weekend. 

September is less busy, but oh so fun. The first weekend is my birthday weekend AND my sister's wedding weekend!! Her getting married is the best birthday present ever! I am so glad that they are getting married the day after my birthday!!! That means I will never forget it! 

The next 2 weekends in September will be free weekends. That means celebrating my birthday, and probably make-up camping if we miss it this weekend. It also means doing some hard core cleaning since we will be so busy from the last weekend in September until we get back from our cruise. 

The last weekend in September means the start of a lot of traveling. We will head to Ellijay for apples, Gatlinburg for a family weekend trip, and to the Occoee for some rafting, not in that order though. Then once we are done with all that traveling, we get to travel to FL for our cruise!!! I am so excited!! I can hardly contain myself. I have gotten us checked in online with the exception of entering our passport information. I have a map printed out on how to get to the hotel, and how to get from the hotel to the port. I have a list started on what all we need packed, and I have even gone as far as taking up our guest room and turning it into a huge packing area. 

Obviously once the cruise is done, it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Saturday that will be making appearances! This is my favorite half of the year! 

Chaco on the day we got her!! She was so little back then! 

Some of my fall decorations from last year. they are going to look very similar this year, just with better carpet and a more appealing wall color. :)

What is your favorite time of year?
Are you looking forward to fall as much as me?
Are you taking any vacations this fall?

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