Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I decided to try something new. Maybe it will help me get in a better blogging schedule, maybe it won't. Ever since I started working out, I have felt so much better about myself. The things my body can do now simply amaze me. And the fact that my clothes don't fit...because they are too big is the best feeling in the world. So like most, I have several favorite workouts, so I figured what better place to list them than here on my blog. So I present you with WORKOUT WEDNESDAY!!! 


100 squats
100 wide squats
100 walking lunges (50 on each leg)
100 calf raises

When I did this workout, I used the weight lifting bar (45 lbs) and had it on my shoulders for the squats. If you can do that, then do it. If not, and you want to add some weight, hold dumb bells in the weight you feel comfortable with!

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