Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am about to scream. You know that cute, adorable, sweet, awesome puppy that we have? Yeah, the past 2 nights she has been mean and so not awesome!! This little girl has decided that she is going to wake up at MIDNIGHT and start barking, howling, whimpering and just all around make noise. It is so unlike her! She never makes a peep after about 10 pm. 

Chaco is a pit bull mix, with what we think is some lab maybe. She use to be an inside dog until we moved into the house we are in now. Once we buy a home, she will once again become an inside dog,  but for now, she has a fenced in area outside. She even has a nice insulated dog house that my dad and husband built. She doesn't bark at other dogs, or people. She chases cats, and squirrels. She is the most hyper dog I have ever seen. But she has always been a champ when it comes to sleeping. 

We ran out of dog food on Sunday, so we bought her a different brand of dog food, because it was a last minute thing. We think that is the problem, and we will be changing her food back to what it was before. But if anyone has any suggestions or tips to help her stop the noise making at such a late hour, please let me know!!!! This girl needs her sleep! I am a complete grouch when I get woken up in the middle of the night!!

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